Mining Respirator Mask With Valve

Product Details

Part1: Brief Description 

valved dust mask FFP1

FFP1 mining respirator mask with valve is a promotion basing on mold 6151, with yellow color cool flow exhalation valve. FFP1 classification indicates compliance with European testing requirements. The respirators are appropriate for the majority of airborne precautions encountered in healthcare facilities with filtration efficiency at least 80%.

Part 2: Basic Info

Standard: FFP1 

Shape: Cup without active carbon but with valve 

Material: 3plys, PP Nonwoven, with Melt blown filtration layer

Part3: Features

* Suzhou Sanical own style, light and comfortable 

*Soft inner materials 

*Adjustable nose clip reduces potential for eyewear fogging and helps ensure a better seal and fit 

*Braided two-strap design

Part4: Package

Please note: there will be two size, M size for Asian people, and L size suggested for people in other parts of the world.

Available package color box and blister   

Size of normal color box package as follow:







Carton Size



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