Particulate Filter Industry Face Respirator Mask CE FFP1

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Particulate Filter Industry Face Respirator Mask CE FFP1


The particulate face respirator mask is an FFP1 cup-shape dust mask with no exhalation valve design. The shape of the dust mask is ergonomic, the nose seal is soft and comfortable, the nose clip can be adjusted, and it fits perfectly with the face, safe and comfortable. It is widely used in food processing, cork processing, cement plants, stone processing and other industries.

Part 2: Basic Info 
Standard: FFP1
Shape: Cone shape
Material: 3plys, PP Nonwoven, with Melt blown filtration layer


Meet the European CE EN1409:2001 FFP1 standard, high filtration efficiency

Three-layer structure, the surface layer is needle-punched cotton non-woven fabric

Use elastic band with better breathability or rubber band without latex, suitable for all face types

Adjustable nose clips and thickened sponge pads for tight fit and comfort

Effectively filter and adsorb extremely fine harmful industrial dust to prevent silicosis

The nose clip can be adjusted to make the mask and face fit, and the dust can not easily leak into the mouth.

The filter layer uses high-performance melt-blown materials to effectively block non-oily particles and harmful dust in the air.

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