Anti fog mask once how long

Professional PM2.5 mask 2 days

Director LEE, anti fog masks worn by the public are different, there are professional anti-PM2.5 masks, and filter masks and other masks, surgical masks, pure cotton. Different types of face masks to change frequencies are different, people should replace washing, otherwise not conducive to respiratory health.

PM2.5 filter mask 8-10

This mask is inside the ordinary masks inserts with anti-PM2.5, dust-proof and features such as bacteria filter, filter is disposable, General wearing of 8-10 days (at 8 hours a day), if stains appear on the filter should be replaced immediately.

Disposable masks for 4 hours

In addition to those types of respirators, disposable masks are more common. Lee points out that the disposable masks are divided into upper and lower, with nose clips for the top, put on a mask, nose clip, pinch, in close contact with the skin, prevent the pollution of the air into the nose and mouth. Do not reuse disposable masks, generally 4 hours should be replaced.