Consumers how to shop for wearing masks?

(1) purchased through formal channels.

(2) purchase products when the labels are clear (including the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product specifications, standard certification, protection levels, implementing the standard number, product description, date of production, recommended the use of time and storage period), Visual check for stains, use deformation.

(3) under different air pollution levels correspond to the selected protection level mask.

(4) selection of masks for the first time, please refer to the product instructions for use first try, purchase facial products with good stickiness.

(5) protective face masks should be used according to the recommended time to replace.

(6) the wearing process such as discomfort or adverse reactions, recommended to stop using.

(7) in General, the protective effect, the higher the relative higher breathing resistance, high breathing resistance to wear masks for a long time will have adverse effects on health. Consumer is not recommended long-term, ultra wear protective masks.