Cup-shaped mask worn correctly

Cup-shaped mask be sure to mask on the face after dense enough, breathe out air leak can be effective. When you wear a cup-shaped mask, check for air leakage from the mask edge. If the mask cover tightly, to relocate again.

1, every 2-4 cm Larsson first headband, hand through a face mask headband, metal nose forward.

2, wear a mask and keep the face mask headband on the head at the top and lower headband over your head, at the neck, adjusted to a comfortable position.

3, hands the fingertips along the bridge of the nose Strip, from the Center to the sides, and slowly push in until close to the nose.

4, hand mask respirator with positive pressure and negative pressure tests. (Positive pressure test: with her hands covering her face mask, exhale vigorously. As the air from the mask edge and worn properly, must once again adjust the headband and bridge of the nose. )