Dust masks and maintenance methods

The outer dust masks tend to accumulate a lot of outside air in the dust, bacteria and other contaminants, and the innermost block exhaled bacteria, saliva and, therefore, cannot be used interchangeably on both sides, or outer layer of contaminated dirt directly close to the face when absorbed into the body, and be a source of infection.

Face mask when you are not wearing, should be folded into a clean envelope, and close to the side of the mouth and nose to fold, should not casually in pocket or hung around the neck.

If a dust mask is blow out hot air or saliva to wet, its role in blocking germs will be greatly reduced. Therefore, usually most a lot of masks, used to replace, should change once a day, washing should be boiled for 5 minutes.

Dust masks and keep it cleaned and disinfected every day, whether it is a gauze mask or air filtration masks you can use heating method to carry out disinfection.