Dust masks: when to reuse and when to discard?

Dust masks: when to reuse and when to discard?

dust mask reusable or disposable

Many customers will ask if the dust mask can be reused or it is disposable dust mask.

We as dust mask manufacturer,we found a reasonable explanation on the CDC website.

Disposable filter mask respirators, often called dust masks, are the most commonly used respiratory protective device for workplace employees. Disposable filter mask respirators are not reusable or extensive used; however, they are often reused for reasons of cost, convenience, and availability. When will a dust mask fail to protect the workers who wear it? The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has studied this issue and provided some guidelines.

Reuse is safe

NIOSH states that it is not always discarded when a dust mask is removed. In most workplaces, dust masks can be reused as part of an employer's respiratory protection program. NIOSH says that reuse of safe dust masks is affected by many variables that affect respirator function and pollution. Unless the respirator manufacturer has established a specified lifespan (for example, only one use, or the employer's respiratory protection program prohibits re-use of dust masks), users can repeatedly wear the dust mask until it is damaged, soiled, or worn Workers clearly felt that breathing resistance increased during wearing.

For single use only

There are limitations to reuse . Most importantly, dust masks can only be used and reused by the same wearer. Also,between uses, dust masks should be stored in a way that protects them from damage, dust, pollution, sunlight, extreme temperatures, excessive humidity, and harmful chemicals. In addition, since most disposable dust masks do not have a sturdy frame, care should be taken to prevent deformation of the face mask, strap, and exhalation valve (if present) when storing the mask.

In general, reuse must stop when the dust mask begins to lose its protective properties.