How to distinguish counterfeit N95 respirators?

How to distinguish counterfeit N95 respirators?

Suzhou Sanical, is a professional dust mask supplier , particulate respirator manufacturer. Now has already gain the certificates of NIOSH N95,N99,P95, CE FFP1,FFP2,FFP3,etc.

Here we are willing to tell the customers how to distinguish counterfeit N95 respirator. Using fake or counterfeit will bring user bad effects, may cause damage to users.

Method 1. Open the NIOSH official website. Through this link, you can find out which factories have NIOSH N95 certification.

N95 dust mask manufacturer

Suzhou Sanical has been shown on this page.

Method 2. Also open the official NIOSH website and follow this link. You can see those fake N95 respirators will be publicized on this page. You can avoid buying these masks.

Not niosh n95 approved mask