Indoor environmental quality(IEQ)


Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of a building's environment related to the health and well-being of the people in it.

IEQ is determined by many factors, including lighting, air quality and humidity conditions.

Workers are often concerned that they may experience symptoms or health when exposed to contaminants in their working buildings.

One reason for this concern is that when they are not in the building, their symptoms usually improve.

Although studies have shown that some respiratory symptoms and diseases may be associated with wet buildings, it is unclear that measurements of indoor pollutants indicate that workers are at risk of developing the disease.

In most cases, if a worker and his or her doctor suspect that the built environment leads to a particular health condition, the information obtained from medical tests and environmental tests is insufficient to determine which contaminants are responsible.

Despite the uncertainty about what is being measured and how it is interpreted, studies have shown that building-related symptoms are related to architectural features, including humidity, cleanliness, and ventilation.