Medical protective mask which applied

Medical respirator mask body and tighten belt, mask body divided into an inner, middle and outer layers, the inner layer is gauze or non-woven fabric of general health, middle for Superfine polypropylene meltblown layer, outer non-woven cloth or thin layer of polypropylene melt-blown material.

The high permeability of medical protective mask hydrophobic, and bad for tiny virus aerosols or dust filtration effect, good overall filtration performance, innocuous materials used, wear comfort.

Medical protective mask is the best for preventing respiratory infectious disease products, everyone should carry.

☆ Protection the harm of suspended particles in the air

☆ Apply to infectious disease medical personnel protection

☆ Apply to laboratory personnel protective

☆ During epidemics of infectious diseases for all categories of personnel protection

☆ Toxic chemical, mine workers, pollen allergic persons

☆ Military biological weapons, individual protection