Skin and Respiratory Sensitisers

What are skin and respiratory sensitisers?

Substances at work may cause allergies when breathed in, or when they come into contact with the skin.

Such substances are called skin and respiratory sensitisers.

They can cause permanent damage to the skin, nose, throat, and lungs.

If this happens, further exposure, even to minute quantities, may result in allergic symptoms.

Effects of skin and respiratory sensitisers

Symptoms vary depending on which body system is affected.

Effects on the respiratory system can be the runny, itching eyes and nose typical of hay fever. These may be followed by more severe symptoms typical of asthma such as:

  1. wheezing

  2. tightness of the chest

  3. breathlessness

  4. coughing.

Symptoms of the skin can be itchy, dry, red and cracked skin typical of irritation. These may be followed by more severe dermatitis symptoms such as:

  1. bleeding

  2. spread of symptoms to other body parts.