The difference between Fog and Haze

With the change of the times, haze has become the "standard" in winter, especially in the winter of the north China.When you go out on a haze day, you need to wear a dust mask. Suzhou Sanical, professional dust mask manufacturer,dust mask supplier, producing dust mask with CE and NIOSH certificates.  Our dust masks could be used as anti haze dust mask, dust proof mask and anti pm2.5 masks.

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Today will show you the differences between Fog and Haze.

Difference PointFogHaze
ColorsOften milky white (turquoise gray in industrial areas)Bright objects in the distance appear slightly yellow and red, and darker objects are slightly blue.
CauseA lot of tiny water droplets float in the airA large number of extremely fine dust particles, evenly floating in the air, the air becomes turbid
visibilityAffect visibility: less than 1.0 kmAffects visibility: less than 10 kilometers
Weather conditionsRelative humidity is close to 100%Air mass is stable and dry
Appear timeBefore sunrise, before and after the border crossingAppears at any time of the day