The service-life of Respirator

Dust mask manufacturer

We are dust mask manufacturer. We always selling dust masks to our customers. But some customers are not clear about the sevice-life of respirator

Discussion is necessary. Today, we need to study what happens when the respirator stops working? The life span of respirator use should be discussed.

When the respirator no longer provides the level of protection desired by the user, the useful life is over. Filter media is clogged. Breathing with a respirator may have become difficult.Or the sorbent, when protecting against gases or vapors, has reached its capacity and can no longer capture and retain harmful contaminants.

Or, it may be when the respirator is damaged or the respirator is no longer complete. The wearer does not have to endure. In fact, it cannot be worn for the safety of the wearer.

"The life of a respirator depends on many factors, including environmental conditions, breathing rate, filtration capacity, amount of pollutants in the air, etc. Make sure the change schedule is a conservative estimate. To this end, employers are advised to apply safety factors to their expected life.