Wear a suitable respirator when handling asbestos materials

Wear a suitable respirator when handling asbestos materials

Suzhou Sanical producing dust mask with AS/NZS 1716 P1 and P2 certificates.

P1 dust mask and P2 dust mask could be used during handling asbestos materials. 

P2 dust maskP2 dust mask

Ordinary dust masks are not effective in preventing the inhalation of asbestos fibers and dust. Workers should wear half-face filter gas masks equipped with P1 or P2 filter elements, or P1 or P2 disposable masks suitable for asbestos. Respiratory protection should comply with Australian / New Zealand Standard 1716. This number is always displayed on the mask. To ensure the respirator is effective, the user should be cleaned and shaved, and the respirator should fit snugly.

Ask workers to keep the respirator on until the end of work, cleaning, contaminated clothing is removed, bagged and sealed. Disposable half-masks or box-type P1 or P2 particle respirators can be used to remove asbestos cement materials. Everyone should continuously wear a respirator or mask when removing asbestos cement material.