What is CE and what is CE 0086?

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Suzhou Sanical CE certificates

Suzhou Sanical is professional dust mask manufacturer, already got the certificates of CE EN149 FFP1 ,FFP2 and FFP3. Many customers are not clear about the CE and we will introduce it brifely.

What is CE?

Products sold in the European Union (EU) in accordance with EU directives/regulations must have the CE mark.

The CE mark on the product is the basic requirement that the manufacturer declares that the product meets all applicable directives/regulations. It indicates to relevant agencies that the product can be legally sold in its own country.

What is CE 0086?

BSI is the notified body of many regulations and new method directives (No. 0086). This is an organization notified by the member states to the European Commission. BSI could help custmer to get CE marking.