What mask is suitable for children

In Europe, Japan and other places, there is a thin film mask received a warm welcome, foreign selection masks the premise of thin, rapid filtering and protection properties. From the protection point of view, 100-nanometer level film masks can stop all diameters greater than 100 nano-particles, including PM2.5, most bacteria, viruses, SARS,MERS, and so on, can also block all pollen catkins.

Breathable film masks using only about hundreds of nanometer protective effect of single-layer PTFE film to achieve PM2.5, masks and 100 nanometers thin films is particularly suitable for children over 3 years old.

Because metabolism in children and adults, children's respiratory requirements are relatively high, so the traditional mask materials to achieve filtration performance under the premise, breathing resistance is too large, unable to meet children's respiratory needs.

Description from the wearing comfort, if the melt-blown non-woven masks experience feel like a quilt, film masks experience amounts to silk scarves.

Breathable film of masks is very high, compared with other masks, usually 100-nanometer level film mask wearing running, cycling and so on will be too much burden.