Will the mutation of the new coronavirus affect infectivity? The WHO responded like this...

Will the mutation of the new coronavirus affect infectivity? The WHO responded like this...

On August 21, 2020 local time, WHO Director-General Tedros Tedros said that he hopes that the new crown pandemic will end within two years, but the premise is that solidarity and cooperation at the national and international levels can be achieved in the fight against the epidemic.

Tan Desai warned those countries where the number of confirmed cases of the new crown is currently declining, "the progress (anti-epidemic) does not mean victory". Before an effective vaccine is officially available, no country will be safe. Therefore, it is very important for countries to quickly detect and prevent cluster transmission, prevent community transmission, and introduce new restrictive measures.

On the same day, Maria Van Kokhoff, technical director of the WHO health emergency project, said that there are currently more than 80,000 new coronavirus gene sequences in the world, and most of the mutations will not affect the infectivity and severity of the virus. The WHO has established a special working group to confirm different mutations and study their possible impact on virus behavior.

Ryan, the head of WHO's health emergency project, also said that we must take the epidemic seriously, try our best to contain the virus and reduce the mortality rate, and learn to coexist with the virus before the final vaccine is developed. "We will definitely be able to survive the new crown epidemic."

Vaccines will not let the new coronavirus end on its own

Therefore, we still have to maintain good hygiene habits: wash hands frequently and wear masks.

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