Will the new coronavirus disappear when the temperature rises?

As the weather gets hotter, will the new corona virus gradually reduce?

First of all, the new coronavirus is an enveloped virus, which is relatively sensitive to temperature. The increase in temperature is not conducive to the survival of the virus, but now we generally believe that the new coronavirus is mainly spread through droplets and direct contact. Relatively speaking, this method of transmission is less affected by temperature. At present, the countries in the southern hemisphere are currently in summer and autumn, and the weather is relatively hot, but the new crown epidemic still continues to occur. The final situation requires further observation.

Experts said that the view of relying on warming to control the epidemic lacks scientific evidence to support it, but some characteristics of the new coronavirus, as well as people's immune systems and behaviors, may change with the season and temperature, which will have some impact on the development of the epidemic.

The World Health Organization also said that from the evidence obtained so far, the new coronavirus can spread in all regions, including hot and humid regions. Regardless of climatic conditions, if people live in or go to areas where the new crown epidemic has been reported, protective measures must be taken.