Cup Shaped N95 Mask Hazards To Be Standardized

Cup Shaped N95 Mask hazards to be standardized
A silicone mask can make people instantly become another face. Over the past few years, China's police cracked a number of cases to show the original consumption of the cup-shaped N95 mask results have been repeatedly used by criminals, has become a means of interference detection. This police solemnly declare: to strictly regulate the sale of cup-shaped N95 mask.
 More use of cup-shaped N95 mask easy to commit crime
Since last year, there have been cases of easy theft, robbery and rape in various parts of the country. In February 2013, Guangzhou Liwan a man burglary the value of millions of dollars of jewelry, after wearing a cup-shaped N95 mask absconded. And in the past 2013, Jiangsu, Anhui and some provinces in our country took place several cases of "easy to use" for ATM machine crime cases.
Since this cup-shaped N95 mask of the harm so much, how no one pipe it?
Artistic mask does not go beyond the legal scope
Hangzhou Xiaoshan North dry police station Mao Gedi said that there is no relevant provisions of the law prohibit the sale of cup-shaped N95 mask. It is understood that this mask is a toy category, and China's ban on the sale of toys only two: a lethal firearms and ammunition and threat to human health toys, so in accordance with the provisions of the existing law, hidden huge harmful silicone mask Not exceeding the legal scope of sales.
 Police: online sales cup shape N95 face to be standardized
In recent years, the site appeared on a number of specialized sales Cup-shaped N95 mask site, Taobao, and so e-commerce site, although the human skin mask has been blocked as a sensitive word, there are still many shopkeepers under the guise of the simulation mask Sell such products.
According to customer service staff, they sell cup-shaped N95 mask simulation degree of 95% or more, the material is medical silicone, the thickness of only 0.1 mm. Can be worn on the face a dozen hours, after wearing can also speak, eat.
Police said in an interview: "We police still hope that the relevant departments can introduce some policies to regulate the sale of cup-shaped N95 mask."