NIOSH N95 Mask Is Similar To Face

NIOSH N95 Mask is similar to face
Simulation NIOSH N95 Mask is divided into face and head sets NIOSH N95 Mask, but no matter what kind of rapid face, not only realistic skin and exquisite facial features, so you can not believe this is just a NIOSH N95 Mask
NIOSH N95 Mask is divided into a full set of head NIOSH N95 Mask and half face NIOSH N95 Mask two, full set of head NIOSH N95 Mask as the name suggests is all set in the head, has been extended to the chest, the whole head are wrapped up , Such NIOSH N95 Mask wear more convenient, do not need glue, while the price is higher, different face can be applied.
Overview of the two NIOSH N95 Masks
Full set of NIOSH N95 Mask, full set of head NIOSH N95 Mask is bald, of course, you can also ask to implant hair, of course, the price of implanted hair itself, may be more expensive than the two hats, because the workload is too Big, of course, the general purchase of the network are distributed wig.
High NIOSH N95 Mask face, this NIOSH N95 Mask prices are generally around 800 yuan, is the skin NIOSH N95 Mask the most entry-level products, wearing a need to make-up glue, just the face of the NIOSH N95 Mask, implanted beard and eyebrow. The specific can look at a more classic half face NIOSH N95 Mask. NIOSH N95 Mask and NIOSH N95 Mask NIOSH N95 Mask is made of medical silicone, and there is no problem with the use and safety.
Natural skin, delicate facial features, realistic texture

In the production of these two kinds of simulation NIOSH N95 Mask of the many models, each simulation is higher than 95%, these NIOSH N95 Mask "skin color" close to the real color, men are healthy wheat color, ladies Is flushed, the skin is flawless, very natural; not only that. Exquisite facial features make these lifelike face NIOSH N95 Mask looks more refined, men handsome, beautiful lady, that looks really did not say. More important is the high simulation NIOSH N95 Mask texture making realistic and meticulous, especially the elderly NIOSH N95 Mask there are wrinkles, dark spots.