Ultra-thin Simulation N95 Class Mask Comparable To True Yan

Ultra-thin simulation N95 Class Mask comparable to true Yan
On the map left for the high simulation N95 Class Mask, the right picture to bring the effect after the N95 Class Mask made of silicone, but also implanted eyebrows, the figure can be seen, although the N95 mask features three-dimensional facial features , But the overall really quite thin, only 0.1 mm, the eyes and face edge is more thin, which will help the human skin N95 Class Mask attached to the face after the natural fusion with the real skin, color and real people, very natural lifelike.
Highly realistic skin texture
Simulation of the surface of the N95 mask with a detailed texture, professional master said that this texture will increase the simulation, but the production method is quite complex. In advance to carving mold, in order to characterize these fine texture. Not only that, the pores of the processing also requires sophisticated workmanship, these simulation pores so vivid, greatly enhance the N95 level mask simulation.
Lifelike N95 mask of the hidden dangers
Simulation N95 Class Mask is not like the general toy, it has a magical easy capacity function, but also hidden hidden danger, imagine, if the lawless elements put on camouflage others commit crimes, it will give the police solve the case caused by greater obstacles, but also To the community, the public and property safety hazards, for this, we should be vigilant.
Spot real N95 level mask cash on delivery
In the order of simulation N95 Class Mask, many sellers are called cash on delivery, indeed so, such as this site, if you go there are orders address, but this way our customer service is easy to put You ignore, because the daily shipments is too great, it is recommended that the Union customer service, tell them the style you want and your phone, address and name, so that you can ship the same day. We generally use Shunfeng delivery, 3 days will be able to, after receipt of goods can look at, and then the money can be delivered to the courier. Some people will have the question: the money to the courier insurance? You can rest assured that we have signed a contract with SF Express, they dare not blackmail your money. If you really do not trust, you can directly transfer money to us, Alipay or bank card will do.
Custom high-profile N95 Class Masks require a deposit
2015 high simulation of human skin N95 Class Mask in addition to the spot there is a custom in accordance with the real face, N95 Class Mask custom need to provide 1, high-definition photos 2,30% of the deposit, the general custom price is 1,500 yuan, you need to pay 300 deposit, the remaining 1,200 yuan cash on delivery. 300 yuan deposit here is a mold fee.