Adult NIOSH N95 Mask Can Not Protect The Baby Children Should Have Dedicated NIOSH N95 Mask

Recently, the United Nations Children's Fund released the latest report, the world's 300 million children exposed to 6 times the standard pollution in the World Health Organization air, the average down every 7 children, one suffered serious air pollution. Haze is much more harmful to children than adults, and air pollution is the main cause of the world's annual death of about 600,000 children under five years of age. It is known that the haze days to wear NIOSH N95 Mask, but the right to wear NIOSH N95 Mask children are less than half, and the market is difficult to buy the appropriate children NIOSH N95 Mask. Experts pointed out that because there is no relevant national standard, children can only wear cotton NIOSH N95 Mask or adult small crowd for adults NIOSH N95 Mask. But the former can not prevent PM2.5, but also may breed bacteria; the latter not only wearing uncomfortable, but also often because the model is too large and "leak", the basic play less than the role of filtration. Experts recommend that NIOSH N95 Mask with high adhesion, low respiratory impedance and high filterability is the first choice for children's haze NIOSH N95 Mask. National departments should develop the standard and specification of children's NIOSH N95 Mask as soon as possible, pay attention to children's cardiopulmonary function, Actively developed a truly suitable for children to use respiratory protection products, to the child's health put up the last line of defense.
Recently, the United Nations Children's Fund released the latest report, air pollution hazards hundreds of millions of children around the world, resulting in their physical and psychological damage. Nearly three months, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the northeast are also frequent haze struck. Parents have to buy children NIOSH N95 Mask, hoping to give the child's health put up the last line of defense. But many people questioned, the relevant departments did not introduce children NIOSH N95 Mask standards, the so-called children NIOSH N95 Mask really haze it? What is the effect?
300 million children around the world breathe dirty air, air pollution hurt the child
Recently, the UNICEF report shows that 300 million children worldwide are exposed to six times the World Health Organization (WHO) standard polluted air, and one in seven children is seriously exposed to severe air pollution, which may lead to damage.
"The air pollution is the main cause of the death of about 600,000 children under five years of age around the world, seriously affecting the future of children," said Anthony Laker, Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund. Because children's lungs, brains, and immune systems are in developmental stages, the respiratory tract is more susceptible to atmospheric contaminants, and contaminants can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and cause permanent damage to the brain.
China Medical University Aviation General Hospital pediatric director, deputy chief physician Guo Su-mei said that the haze of the child caused by the harm is much greater than adults: First, the child almost no nose, defense capacity is weak, less protection than adults; Second, the child's height Low, from the ground near, more easily on the ground inhalation of pollutants in the lungs; third child breathing faster than adults, unit time inhaled more pollutants; four children's respiratory system is not mature, mucosal development is not Completely, cilia rare, is not conducive to dust, bacteria, mucus clearance and discharge; Fifth, the child's immune globulin secretion than adults less, the local defense of pollutants is poor.
The impact of air pollution on children is a lifelong life that involves all aspects of physical and mental health. Such as cognitive ability, reproductive health, etc., affect the performance of the campus, medical costs and other socioeconomic level, reduce the happiness of children and their parents and so on.
NIOSH N95 Mask uncomfortable children do not love, parents can not buy the right children NIOSH N95 Mask
Fog haze days to wear NIOSH N95 Mask, we all know, but I observed that the side wearing NIOSH N95 Mask is no less than half of the children.
Guo Su Mei pointed out that children do not want to wear NIOSH N95 Mask for three reasons: First, NIOSH N95 face with layers, in order to prevent small particles into the very fine, poor ventilation, the child feel oppressed, breathing difficulties; Face, regular anti-haze NIOSH N95 Mask often use a very tight rubber band, or from the back of the head to stay, or hung on the ears, will make the child very uncomfortable; the third, nose and mouth breathing will bring out water vapor, the NIOSH N95 Mask wet, the face will be covered very uncomfortable.
And let parents worry about the market is difficult to buy the appropriate children NIOSH N95 Mask. The author in the Beijing Central Business District near the investigation of eight pharmacies and convenience stores, of which three children selling NIOSH N95 Mask. A salesman said that this NIOSH N95 Mask made of multi-layer cotton, can be effective haze, but also repeated cleaning. NIOSH N95 Mask packaging reads "activated carbon filter" "can protect PM2.5" and other words. In this regard, the China Textile Business Association Safety and Health Protection Products Committee Secretary-General Chen Haida said, facial NIOSH N95 Mask can only filter out some of the dust and bacteria, activated carbon only on the role of isolated odor, can not protect PM2.5.