Analysis Of The Effect Of Air Permeability On Quality Of N95 Class Mask

N95 Class Mask covers some of the mouth, nose and chin of the mouth, constitute a medical N95 Class Mask and face sealed space, by people to force the air through the N95 Class Mask filter out the harmful substances to achieve the protective effect. With the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, human awareness of self-protection is also constantly strengthened, N95 Class Mask as a protective article N95 Class Mask use is particularly common. N95 Class Mask is currently divided into air filter N95 Class Mask and air supply N95 Class Mask. The application is more air filter type masks, such as dust masks, haze masks, medical protection N95 Class Mask Etc., the country for the various types of N95 Class Mask introduced the corresponding specification to standard N95 Class Mask shopping malls. China's implementation of the protective filter N95 Class Mask specifications are mostly mandatory product standards, the test items are more. The permeability of the fabric is the characteristics of the fabric itself [1], with the fabric structure and fabric combination approach has a greater contact. N95 Class Mask mainly composed of some textile fiber material, breathability is N95 Class Mask must have the characteristics. Mask breathability is also a certain extent, the resolution of the N95 Class Mask comfort, filter power and other protective features. At present, the permeability of the mask has not been compared with the introduction of a check for the nature of the inspection
First, N95 Class Mask permeability and fabric structure of the link
All the fabric structure is porous, the study shows that the aperture and the fabric breathable function closely linked to the general fabric of the same average pore size, the better the permeability [2-3]. There is a significant difference between the pore size and the air permeability of the fabric [4]. The same type of fabric is not the same because of its fiber raw material, yarn density, fabric structure, fabric latitude and longitude density and fabric thickness. Quite different. Because double-sided knitted fabric permeability is much smaller than single-sided knitted fabric, so double-sided knitted fabric harmful substances barrier is very good. Because the nonwovens generally exhibit a single fiber network structure, with greater ventilation and harmful material through the function, together with the mesh nonwovens fiber has more contact surface area, and therefore has a stronger adsorption function.
Second, N95 Class Mask permeability and filter power
N95 Class Mask protection effect is mainly based on N95 Class Mask on the harmful substances of the filtering effect, N95 Class Mask on the harmful substances of high filtration power, the air purification is like, the body sucked into the air the more healthy, N95 Class Mask The better the protective effect, the worse the worse. There are clear rules for the N95 Class Mask filtering power for different categories, such as the N95 Class Mask, which is used in the N95 Class Mask technology request of GB19083-2010, and the N95 Class Mask used in medical environments, Power mainly refers to the filter in the air floating non-oily particles, including the virus with the blood, droplets, secretions and so on. This type of N95 Class Mask filter element blocks the particles of different particle sizes by interception effects, diffusion effects, gravity effects, inertial effects, and electrostatic effects. However, there is always a particle size that can not be completely filtered, so medical masks Of the filter power to test the most difficult to filter the particle size of particles, get one of the most useful test results.
N95 Class Mask to have a certain degree of comfort must have a certain ventilation function, in theory, N95 Class Mask breathable function and N95 Class Mask filter power has a certain relevance. When the N95 Class Mask's breathless function is exceptionally poor, the N95 Class Mask itself blocks the presence of external substances into the N95 Class Mask and then protects against the N95 Class Mask's filter power, but also has the lowest comfort, Not suitable for human wear. When the N95 Class Mask is well ventilated, the material exchange in the N95 Class Mask is more frequent, and this requires a higher filtration efficiency for the mask, and in the high frequency of material exchange, the N95 Class Mask can maximize the limit Filter out the harmful substances in the air into the human body, which play a protective effect. N95 Class Mask's breathable and filter power to have a good match to play a very good protection effect, and the establishment of N95 Class Mask breath function and filter power between the model, looking for the relationship between the two is particularly necessary.