Analysis On The Effect Of Permeability Of Fold Mask On Quality

Analysis on the Effect of Permeability of Fold Mask on Quality
The folded mask, after masking the mouth, nose and chin, forms a space for medical Fold Masks and face seals, and the people breathe to force the air to filter out the harmful substances when the mask is passed to reach the protective effect. With the continuous development of science and technology, people's living standards continue to improve and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, human awareness of self-protection is also constantly strengthened, Fold Mask as a protective effect of non-woven Fold Mask is particularly common. The current type of Fold Masks on the mall is generally divided into air filter type Fold Masks and air supply Fold Masks. The application is more air filter type masks such as dust masks, haze masks, medical protective Fold Masks, etc. For the various types of Fold Masks introduced a corresponding specification to standardize the mask masks. China's implementation of the protective filter-type Fold Mask specifications are mostly mandatory product standards, the test items are more. The permeability of the fabric is the characteristics of the fabric itself [1], with the fabric structure and fabric combination approach has a greater contact. Fold Masks are mainly composed of some textile fiber material, breathability is also a fold mask must have the characteristics. The permeability of the mask is also good or bad, and it also determines other protective properties such as comfort, filter power and so on. At present, the permeability of the mask has not been compared with the introduction of the inspection standards for the sex, and the first reference to the fabric permeability inspection methods, such as GB / T5453-1997 "Determination of the permeability of textile fabrics," ASTM D737-1996 " Sexual test method "and ISO9237-1995" textile fabric permeability determination ".
One, Fold Mask breathability and fabric structure
The study shows that the increase in fabric permeability followed by the number of layers shows a clear downward trend in the rules. In the case of cotton fabric, for example, from the single layer to the double layer, the air permeability will be reduced by about 50%; while the number of layers of continuous added fabric, the decline tends to steep; when the fabric layer added to 6 layers, 20% of the fabric. Thus, the relationship between the fabric aperture and the number of layers and the breathability is particularly important in the design of the protective Fold Mask. When the ventilation of the Fold Mask is poor, the human exhaled gas can not be excellent with the outside world to communicate, resulting in the accumulation of exhaust gas within the mask, people will show breathing difficulties, people feel discomfort; when the breathability of the mask is better, People exhaled the gas can be excellent with the outside world, people will feel breathing to clear.
Second, the Fold Mask permeability and filter power connection
Fold Mask of the protective effect is mainly based on the Fold Mask of harmful substances on the filter effect, Fold Mask of harmful substances, high filtration power, the air purification like the body suck the air the more healthy, Fold Mask the more protective effect Good, and vice versa. State of the table on the different types of Fold Mask filter power are clear rules, such as GB19083-2010 medical protection Fold Mask technical requirements that [5], in the medical environment used in the Fold Mask, the filter power primary Filter the air in the floating non-oily particles, including the virus with the blood, droplets, secretions and so on. This type of Fold Mask filter element through the interception effect, diffusion effect, gravity effect, inertia effect and electrostatic effect of separation from the different particle size of particles, but there will always be a particle size of the material can not be completely filtered, so medical masks Filtering power first tests this most difficult to filter the particle size of particles, get one of the most useful test results.