Anti-first Civilian Protective Masks PM2.5 National Standards Will Be Implemented On November 1

General Administration of quality supervision, the national standardization Management Commission published on 25th of the daily protective masks technical specifications of the national standard, which is China's first civilian protective masks to national standards, will be implemented on November 1.

Protective masks the daily published the technical specifications of the national standard for two key indicators, that is, to fine particles (PM2.5) and wear safety protective effect.

Protection grade: d-class, c-class, b-class, a-class. Corresponds to the use of environmental, class d applies to moderate (PM2.5 concentration of 150 mg/m) and the following applies, c-class heavy pollution (PM2.5 concentrations of 250 µg/m³) and below, class b applies to serious pollution of pollution (PM2.5 concentrations of 350 µg/m³), class a up to 500 µg/m³ PM2.5 concentrations used.