Autumn Haze New Antimicrobial Respirators For You Security

With the development of economy and living standards at the same time, environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, also faces a new threat to the health of the people.

Since autumn this year, haze frequently, have a serious impact on human health.

The Ministry of environmental protection said that in recent years, heating in winter, especially in the North areas of China after a seasonal surge in emissions caused by coal-fired, and inverse frequent adverse weather conditions such as temperature, wind, resulting in frequent smog in some areas, had a serious impact on people's health and lives.

Experts point out that smog can cause lung cancer, recently found a minimum of lung cancer patients in East China, as young as 8 years old, the incidence is related to PM2.5 in the air, attracted the attention of society and the media.

In this regard, health experts recommended that fall and winter wear protective masks when going out, good respiratory protection measures, especially pregnant women, young children and the elderly, people with lower immunity system, such as when you go out, and need to wear a mask.