Buy Cup Shaped N95 Mask, Not The Higher The Better Protective Performance

Buy Cup Shaped N95 Mask, not the higher the better protective performance
Haze haze, the consumer to buy cup-shaped N95 mask, the majority is hoping to dustproof haze, to reduce the intake of PM2.5 purposes, but the daily use of people in the cup-shaped N95 mask, refer to industrial or medical standards Production, obviously do not meet their own needs, coupled with the shape of the Cup Shaped N95 Mask confusion, there is no uniform evaluation criteria, to consumers pick out the problem.
In this regard, in March last year, Jiangsu Province Special Defense Center jointly China Textile Industry Association organized a standard project discussion, and then participated in China's first civilian protective Cup Shaped N95 Mask national standards set up. November 1 this year, China's first civilian protective Cup Shaped N95 Mask national standard - "daily protective Cup Shaped N95 Mask technical specifications" formally implemented. The standard from the safety, health and protection of the three aspects of the product to determine the same time on the cup N95 mask packaging, marking and storage and transportation has a strict requirement, the logo contains the "product protection effect level" and "implementation standards Number "and so on.
It is understood that the new regulations according to the different air quality, but also the cup N95 mask protection level from low to high divided into four: D, C, B, A. For example, D-cup-shaped N95 mask for air quality and the following pollution, PM2.5 concentration ≤ 150 micrograms per cubic meter; the contrary A-Cup Shaped N95 Mask for air pollution is extremely serious, PM2.5 concentration of 500 micrograms per cubic meter. At the same time, the shape of the cup N95 mask is also different from the D to A level, the protective effect was not less than 65%, 75%, 85%, 90%. According to the national standard requirements, consumers in accordance with the standard selection of suitable protective Cup Shaped N95 Mask wear, the inhaled air quality index must be better than above.
The new national standard under the Cup Shaped N95 Mask how to buy
Compared to the previous cup-shaped N95 mask GB, the new national standard is the use of the crowd is in addition to children, infants and young children outside the ordinary people. So, with the daily protective cup-shaped N95 mask related specifications, many people want to know how to pick the Cup Shaped N95 Mask.
Whether the choice of high-level Cup Shaped N95 Mask must be good? In this regard, China Industrial Textile Industry Association, Senior Engineer of Science and Technology Development Zhao Jinyu pointed out that the characteristics of the shape from the cup N95 mask itself, with a brand of cup-shaped N95 mask, with the improvement of protective performance, comfort will also be followed reduce. "If the respiratory resistance is too large, do not rule out the chest tightness, dizziness," she said, so should also be based on the weather and their own situation, wearing the appropriate protective effect of the Cup Shaped N95 Mask, do moderate protection.
In addition to the special anti-haze Cup Shaped N95 Mask, the market there are cotton cup N95 mask, disposable medical Cup Shaped N95 Mask. Experts said that the pure cotton and gauze cup N95 mask on the PM2.5 filtration effect is not really can play a filter role is cup-shaped N95 mask in the non-woven fabric or other filter material formed by the filter layer.
Speaking of some cup-shaped N95 masks installed above the breathing valve, experts said, breathing valve for the mitigation of respiratory resistance have a certain effect. Of course, regardless of whether the cup N95 mask breathing valve, as long as the "norms", are possible.
In addition, consumers choose cup-shaped N95 mask the best try to wear, try to choose their own face Cup Shaped N95 Mask, if not fit or wear after chest tightness, poor breathing, dizziness, etc., do not buy. Wear, Cup Shaped N95 Mask and face close fit, so that the outside air will not leak into it, but can not be too tight, to ensure that people wearing a cup N95 mask can breathe normally.