Buy Fold Mask, Not The Higher The Better Protective Performance

The weather is dry, the air particles to increase, many people will choose to wear Fold Mask. However, the face of anti-fog haze, anti-dust, anti-bacterial and other functions of the Fold Mask, consumers should be how to choose it? Recently, the reporter learned from the relevant departments, from November 1 this year, for the Fold Mask market variety, the quality of good and bad problems, China's first civilian protection Fold Mask national standard - "daily protective Fold Mask technical specifications" formal implementation The Consumers buy Fold Mask in the future, according to the standard.
Haze haze, many consumers prefer to use better protective performance 3MFold Mask.
"Fold Mask" quality varies greatly
Reporters in the multi-electric business platform search found that Fold Mask a wide range of disposable non-woven Fold Mask, there are gauze Fold Mask, there are many known to withstand PM2.5 haze Fold Mask. Reporters found that as long as the packaging marked with anti-fog words, the price will be much more expensive than the general Fold Mask. In a sales of the highest online shop, the reporter saw the specifications of 50 a boxed one-time Fold Mask, priced at 8.8 yuan, the unit price is only 0.18 yuan. And "one-time dust anti-fog PM2.5Fold Mask" 3 installed price of 19.9 yuan, doing a price of 6.6 yuan, is the former price of 30 times.
Fold Mask, which is marked with different functions, is different from the major technical indicators. Reporters noted that the network sold Fold Mask some implementation of the "respiratory protection products self-absorption filter anti-particulate respirator" industrial Fold Mask standard, and some implementation of the "medical protection Fold Mask technical requirements" and "medical surgery Fold Mask" Medical product standards, there are some Fold Mask manufacturers in Europe and the United States to implement the production standards, and even some do not mark the production standards used.
According to the consumer's reply can also be seen, for the Fold Mask dust anti-haze anti-PM2.5 effect, most consumers can only use the feeling to judge, what can play a big effect, the buyer is not very clear.
Reporters learned that although many Fold Mask will be marked in the packaging prominently marked "filter efficiency", but there have been media reports, the relevant departments known as "removal rate of up to 90% or more" Fold Mask to detect the actual removal rate of only 30% To 40%. According to the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau disclosed in March this year, for the production enterprises from Shanghai, the physical store and shop shop 69 batches of samples were found, 54 batches of Fold Mask minimum filter efficiency of less than 90%, 28 batches The Fold Mask contains carcinogenic formaldehyde.
Civil Fold Mask special standards released
Haze haze, consumers buy Fold Mask, the majority is hoping to dust and haze, to reduce the purpose of inhalation PM2.5, but the daily use of people in the Fold Mask, is the reference to industrial or medical standards, Do not meet their own needs, coupled with the Fold Mask market logo confusion, there is no uniform criteria, to the consumer selected a problem.
In this regard, in March last year, Jiangsu Province Special Defense Center jointly China Textile Industry Association organized a standard project discussion, then participated in China's first civil protection Fold Mask national standards set up. November 1 this year, China's first civilian protective Fold Mask national standard - "daily protective Fold Mask technical specifications" formally implemented. The standard from the safety, health and protection of the three aspects of the product to determine the Fold Mask at the same time the packaging, identification and storage and transportation has a strict requirement, the logo contains the "product protection effect level" and "implementation of the standard number" And so on.
It is understood that the new regulations according to the air quality is different, also Fold Mask protection level from low to high is divided into four: D, C, B, A. For example, the D-level Fold Mask is suitable for air quality and the following pollution, PM2.5 concentration ≤ 150 micrograms per cubic meter; the opposite A-level Fold Mask for air pollution is extremely serious, PM2.5 concentration of 500 micrograms per cubic M when used. At the same time, Fold Mask protection effect is also different, from D to A level, the protective effect was not less than 65%, 75%, 85%, 90%. According to the national standard requirements, consumers in accordance with the standard selection of appropriate protection Fold Mask wear, the inhalation of air quality index must be better than the above.