Choose Respiratory Protective Equipment What Are The Points For Attention

In selecting the respiratory protective equipment to avoid the following error:

1, focus on price, ignoring the quality. A qualified dust mask should be obtained GB2626-2006 certification. Cheap, low quality dust masks, unable to play the role of effective protection.

2, focus on price, ignoring protection level. Protection level is low, low filter efficiency, leak rate is high, so that the wearer without effective protection. KN100 is currently half mask protection levels in most products.

3, focusing on price, ignoring the suitability. Suitability masks can lead to leakage of bad dust or wear will face discomfort often remove the mask, thus incurring unnecessary harm. Especially the mask smell or skin allergies, cannot be worn for a long time.

4, focus on price, ignoring costs. Long service life relative economy is strong. Low comprehensive cost, guarantee the quality of protection and comfort at the same time, effectively reducing the cost of protection. Although some protective product price is very low, due to poor quality and short service life, resulting in high cost of physical protection or indirectly causing bodily harm.