Cup Shaped N95 Mask Production Requirements

Cup Shaped N95 Mask production requirements
In the daily production, the people engaged in welding work must be inseparable from the protection of skin and physical safety Cup Shaped N95 Mask, Cup Shaped N95 Mask quality is directly related to the health index of workers, so in the production Of the process for the Cup Shaped N95 Mask production requirements are particularly cautious in order to do the quality of the mark to protect the safety of users. General Cup Shaped N95 Mask production requirements in the following areas:
(1) Cup Shaped N95 Mask Material: Must use high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardant, and have a certain strength and opaque non-conductive material.
(2) Cup Shaped N95 Mask structure: riveting and other components to be strong, no loosening of the metal parts can not contact with the face; set off the components must be flexible and reliable.
(3) Cup Shaped N95 Mask Specifications: Various types of welding cup Shaped N95 Mask specifications should meet the requirements of Table 4-20.Cup Shaped N95 Mask quality (excluding lens helmets and other accessories) shall not exceed 500g.
(4) Welding Cup Shaped N95 Mask filter, protective sheet Performance requirements: including the table and the quality and internal defects protection film visible light transmittance, filter color, filter transmittance, diopter deviation. Parallelism and strength Performance, etc., are consistent with the welding cup Shaped N95 Mask.
(5) Cup Shaped N95 Mask Material Flame Retardant Performance: Cup Shaped N95 Mask Material burning speed must be less than 76mm / min, plastic material required to leave the fire within 5s from the destruction.
(6) Cup Shaped N95 Mask Metal parts resistant to corrosion: Requires experiment and welding Cup Shaped N95 Mask requirements the same.
(7) Cup Shaped N95 Mask Light transmission performance: should be less than the No. 14 welding filter visible transmission ratio.
The so-called Cup Shaped N95 Mask, that is, in the lens of the lens processing process, in the material by adding a number of compound media, and then in the lens affixed with the relevant radiation film, they can in theory from a certain extent To a certain filtering effect. This is because the computer and other radiation is from the electromagnetic waves, these waves are a certain wavelength and amplitude, the compound medium and radiation film is the use of this principle, making the lens before and after the surface of the different wavelengths of electromagnetic waves interfere with each other to offset Part of the radiation. Experts said that the above mentioned with special radiation protection features of the glasses, previously only the use of special industry personnel, the process requirements are higher, such as the past in the radiology department of medical staff, wearing a lead content High anti-ray glasses, can effectively block X-ray. But ordinary glasses manufacturers may not have this technology, its radiation effects are hard to say. Moreover, the current role for the eye care Cup Shaped N95 Mask has no relevant thickness, radiation intensity and other specific quality testing standards, manufacturers alone unilaterally propaganda, likely to cause confusion in the glasses market and uneven quality glasses. In addition, Cup Shaped N95 Mask is not suitable for all people, especially some children wearing red and other colored film Cup Shaped N95 Mask, reducing the light stimulation, which is not conducive to visual development.
Because of the needs of the work environment, to the various parts of the body to protect, especially glasses, eyes are our vital organs, for each of us must have, if not a good protection, lost things are not words to express of. In the daily life of the need for eye protection, we call this type of glasses for the Cup Shaped N95 Mask. Choose a good Cup Shaped N95 Mask is responsible for yourself and is also responsible for the family. So how to choose a professional Cup Shaped N95 Mask?
In fact, Cup Shaped N95 Mask many types, there are dust glasses, anti-shock glasses, anti-chemical glasses and anti-radiation glasses and other. The first three glasses look like lenses are colorless glass, but in fact due to different protective effects, the lens characteristics are significantly different. Dust-proof glasses in the dust more of the use of Guo Degang environment, the general requirements of the lens fastness is not high, regardless of goggles or flat mirror, are made of ordinary flat glass lens production. And anti-shock glasses are used to prevent flying out of the Vatican small particles puncture eyes, the lens requirements impact resistance, such as turning workers, sand workers, playing mason should wear anti-shock glasses, if these workers wear general dust glasses , Then the iron sand and gravel flying glasses were crushed, the eyes will be more damage. Anti-chemical glasses glasses acid and alkali, and GF Huafu corrosion, which is not available in other glasses.