Cup Shaped N95 Mask Use Precautions

Cup Shaped N95 Mask use precautions
Cup-shaped N95 mask to wear method
Cup Shaped N95 Mask structure is simple, but the use is not simple. Choose the appropriate and suitable mask is only the first step in the protection, in order to protect the real work, must be used correctly, not only in accordance with the instructions to wear, to ensure that each time wearing a correct position (not leak), must also dust Adhere to wear, timely detection of signs of failure of the mask, timely replacement. Different dust environment dust concentration is different, each person's use of different time, all kinds of cup-shaped N95 mask dust capacity is different, and the use of different maintenance methods, which will affect the life of the mask, so there is no way to unify the specific replacement time. When any part of the cup-shaped N95 mask is damaged, broken and lost (such as the nose clip, nose clamp), and the apparent sense of increased respiratory resistance, the entire mask should be discarded.
Regardless of anti-virus or dust, any filter components should not be washed, otherwise it will damage the filter element. If you feel comfortable in the use of other comfort, such as the headband is too tight, the resistance is too high, do not allow unauthorized change in headband length, or loose nose clip, etc., should consider choosing a more comfortable masks or other types of breathing apparatus, Not only for the user, but also should have a certain degree of comfort and durability, performance in the respiratory resistance increased relatively slow (dust capacity), mask light, headband is not easy to loose, the mask is not easy to collapse, nose clip or headband Fixed, the selection of no smell and no irritation to the skin, etc., which is usually only those long-term use of cup-shaped N95 mask workers are most experienced and most have the right to speak.
Cup Shaped N95 Mask use errors
The biggest misunderstanding: the gauze mask when the Cup Shaped N95 Mask use. As early as 2000, the former State Economic and Trade Commission in the country economic and trade security [2000] in the clear provisions of the gauze mask shall not be used as a Cup Shaped N95 Mask, but still will often see this wrong choice. In recent years, with our country in the protection standards, testing technology and manufacturing technology progress, as well as the general awareness of social protection, has been clearly in the country, the use of professional protection technology, Recognize the inefficiency of gauze. During the 2003 SARS period, due to the wrong guidance, health care workers use gauze mask protection, resulting in a large number of health care workers due to improper protection by infection, costly, profound lessons. Now, although from the standards, regulations on the gauze masks are conclusive, but the long-term use of gauze masks, but cultivate a lot of wrong protection concept, such as more emphasis on cheap, should be sweat, should be able to wash and breath and other "benefits", but do not pay attention to close Sex, effective filtering and other protective effects should be.
Common Mistakes: Compared with the rubber dust-proof half-mask, cup-shaped N95 mask with low protective effect, poor adhesion, many people feel the rubber material is more flexible, that this easier and close your face. In fact, the impact of the close effect is not only the elasticity of the material, but also in the design of the mask, mask headband selection to determine the tightness, stretchability, and mask weight and headband matching, which affect the close effect The Many years ago, abroad has been through a large number of field experiments to investigate the two types of masks in the practical application of protective effect, studies have shown that the Cup Shaped N95 Mask and rubber dust half mask the same level of protection, which is mainly refers to the dense Fit. Therefore, foreign and domestic standards (GB / T18664-2002), these two types of mask specified protection factor is 10, are applicable to the concentration of particles does not exceed 10 times the occupational health standards of the environment.
The development trend of Cup Shaped N95 Mask
Compared with the rubber mask, the main advantage of the cup-shaped N95 mask is comfort, in addition to light, high ventilation caused by the low resistance, the "maintenance-free" is another obvious "convenience". Any rubber masks need to be cleaned, maintained, replaced and maintained after use, while the Cup Shaped N95 Mask is not required. Imagine that many years ago we used handkerchiefs almost every day, and now we almost all use paper towels, an important factor is "maintenance-free" to bring convenience. Of course, maintenance-free masks if the replacement every day, is bound to increase the use of cost. In many cases, the use of rubber masks to replace the filter components relative to some of the economy, so the selection of China's dust respirator, the basic or rubber masks, but I believe that the future will choose to use maintenance-free masks.