Do You Really Understand The Choice Of NIOSH N95 Mask?

Do you really understand the choice of NIOSH N95 Mask?
With the rapid economic development, the deteriorating environment, the air quality is getting worse, a variety of air pollution problems by the community's great concern, people are increasingly concerned about their own health protection. Among them, one of the most obvious phenomenon is that many people develop the habit of using NIOSH N95 Mask. However, the current market, NIOSH N95 Mask varieties of confusion and the price difference, if the choice is not correct, but will bring harm to their own health. Experts recommend that the public travel, should be based on environmental conditions to choose to wear NIOSH N95 Mask, can not blindly choose to filter high efficiency NIOSH N95 Mask, or wear a long time prone to dizziness, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms.
Among them, NIOSH N95 Mask suitable for mild contamination and prevention of bacteria in the case of use. However, for now, the market there is such a misunderstanding that the NIOSH N95 Mask is the medical NIOSH N95 Mask, in fact, this awareness is not correct, which people can correctly choose the right NIOSH N95 Mask will bring To a certain impact.
NIOSH N95 Mask refers to the NIOSH N95 Mask, which is collectively referred to as NIOSH N95 Mask, and NIOSH N95 Mask is used as raw material. NIOSH N95 Mask, four NIOSH N95 Mask, four NIOSH N95 Mask and five NIOSH N95 Mask, plane folding NIOSH N95 Mask, etc., according to the structure, The According to the different materials, NIOSH N95 Mask permeability, filter and other different aspects of the effect will be different, the applicable areas will be different. For example, single and double NIOSH N95 Masks, mainly made of non-woven or paper processing, such NIOSH N95 Mask does not filter dust and bacteria filter material, but better ventilation, mainly used in food and beauty industry Wait.
The NIOSH N95 Mask is a NIOSH N95 Mask, the market is the most used NIOSH N95 Mask. Medical NIOSH N95 Mask is to meet the national technical standards YY0469 - 2011 requirements NIOSH N95 Mask, generally refers to the filter layer of three non-woven NIOSH N95 Mask, mainly used to block bacteria, but also has good ventilation characteristics. From the application point of view, one of the largest hospital use, welcomed by the majority of doctors and nurses, and second, daily life is widely used to prevent pollen, influenza and so on.
A good quality NIOSH N95 Mask, to a large extent, need to start from the production. A state-of-the-art NIOSH N95 Mask machine with excellent quality materials, through the high quality, high efficiency NIOSH N95 Mask production process, produced NIOSH N95 Mask will never let you down!
So what can we prevent the NIOSH N95 Mask from falling into the haze? This time to choose a professional NIOSH N95 Mask, such as N95. To stop PM2.5 need medical N95NIOSH N95 Mask, its 0.3 micron particles can withstand 95%, pay attention to the purchase of regular qualified, and their face size match the N95NIOSH N95 Mask, after the removal of the inside to dry up after the fold to prevent The breath of breath makes NIOSH N95 Mask breeding bacteria. Wear time should not be too long, the elderly and cardiovascular disease to avoid wearing, so as not to cause dizziness caused by breathing difficulties.
Gas flow with the same flow will be from the least resistance to enter the place. So buy NIOSH N95 Mask is to see NIOSH N95 Mask air tightness how to choose whether to wear. NIOSH N95 Mask should have good airtightness. A good NIOSH N95 Mask can be tightly combined with the face, low leakage rate. Because the user's face is different, so a design NIOSH N95 Mask can not be suitable for everyone, some people wear close, some people can not close. So the so-called universal NIOSH N95 Mask is not suitable for everyone to use. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a sub-size NIOSH N95 Mask.