Flat Fold N95 Mask, Are You Wearing It?

Flat Fold N95 Mask, are you wearing it?
However, the FULL N95 Mask specification for the day-to-day protection is now officially implemented today. According to this standard, the Flat Fold N95 Mask's protection level is divided into four levels from low to high: D, C, B, A, respectively, corresponding to different air quality.
For example, Class A corresponds to "severe contamination" and is used at a PM2.5 concentration of 500 micrograms per cubic meter; Class D corresponds to "moderate and below contamination" and is applicable to cases where the PM2.5 concentration is less than or equal to 150 micrograms per cubic meter The
"Specification" on the Flat Fold N95 Mask packaging, identification and storage and transportation are strictly defined, requiring the logo contains "product protection effect level" and "implementation of the standard number" and so on.
Flat Fold N95 Mask, are you wearing it?
The Flat Fold N95 Mask, which has a blue, pink, white, and even activated carbon, has no need to discuss whether the Flat Fold N95 Mask is resistant to haze because people are now promoted to the world Fashionable single product, numerous icon of the heart is good, but also my only affordable with my love the same paragraph chic single product, so I just like to buy! I just like to wear! You can take me how! I hope you will not be able to prevent haze, because my sister may be just no makeup and want to shape the shape of the fills.
Second, that they rely on activated carbon or other similar filter filter but no national standard do not send!
On the activated carbon anti-haze, it is necessary to tell you: activated carbon itself is the particles, haze is also particulate matter, completely hope that the particulate matter against the particles, I pretend to be a good sa. But the activated carbon is not completely useless, add activated carbon Flat Fold N95 Mask to remove the smell is not false. Even if the activated carbon is not the other filter, because there is no three-dimensional fit, completely cover the entire Flat Fold N95 Mask gas into the surface, the air is certainly where the resistance from small, not like business sa.
In fact, if you buy an ordinary cottage, the filter efficiency is far lower than the slogan of this kind, can be considered lucky encounter conscience black workshop, and do not encounter all kinds of excessive Flat Fold N95 Mask, that is true tragedy.
We have also said before, before the application of the national standard is actually the industry standard, originally targeted at some high-polluting environment for continuous operation of the workers. Let's go out on the street to take the way to absorb the haze, who do not want to thrust the exhaust away. Oh, wore the haze but also chase the speed and passion of the "City Knight" except. In short, Flat Fold N95 Mask in this case the efficiency of the filter is enough, however, a capitalist boring ah! However, now have a special civilian standards, do not have to worry about it!
Think about it, the more efficient the Flat Fold N95 Mask, the greater the breathing resistance. The name of very long national labor protection supplies Quality Supervision and Inspection Center supervision of the construction of the laboratory several experiments show that even ordinary adults wear KN95 Flat Fold N95 Mask normal walk for some time, the oxygen content will decline, then Come, is likely to be dizzy and chest tightness.
(1) Which crowd is not suitable for wearing haze Flat Fold N95 Mask?
The following crowd wearing Flat Fold N95 Mask, you should pay more attention:
1, the elderly 2, pregnant women 3, children 4, suffering from heart and lung disease frail people
But the contradictory point in: these people are also the most vulnerable to haze damage to the crowd, then this question is not no solution? In the final analysis, can not go out or at ease indoors, if something has to go out, with a breathing valve Flat Fold N95 Mask can be a little better.
(2) Flat Fold N95 Mask How long can I wear?
Personally speaking, prolonged wear may cause poor breathing, and even physical discomfort, so under normal circumstances certainly not recommended for a long time wearing haze Flat Fold N95 Mask, but the normal out of one or two hours, as long as there is no obvious discomfort, Should not have any big problems.
From the Flat Fold N95 Mask service life, a website has been published article "3M Shanghai R & D headquarters visit", 3M professional and technical personnel: "3M's particulate protection Flat Fold N95 Mask are in accordance with the daily in harsh environments In the 8-hour use of the one-time design for the daily application is not yet strict life requirements.Therefore the average consumer can be based on the degree of air pollution and the use of frequency to estimate the Flat Fold N95 Mask reasonable use of time in the protection effect and purchase cost Get a balance between. "