Flat Fold N95 Mask Industry Quickly Rise

Flat Fold N95 Mask industry quickly rise
In the country continue to strengthen the safety of production and occupational health supervision of the favorable environment, the country's Flat Fold N95 Mask industry annual output value has reached 100 billion yuan. With the development of science and technology, social progress, business management more and more attention to Flat Fold N95 Mask on the protection of workers played a role. The original very weak Flat Fold N95 Mask production enterprises, has emerged a number of annual production and operation of more than 100 million yuan business model.
  The China Flat Fold N95 Mask research activities are China's Flat Fold N95 Mask alliance (hereinafter referred to as protective equipment alliance) for the first time held "coal mine Flat Fold N95 Mask technology exchange." There are nearly 10 Chinese and foreign Flat Fold N95 Mask production enterprises to come to participate in the research activities. Protective equipment Union Secretariat official said. "The international community is very fancy to China's Flat Fold N95 Mask market, that the development potential is huge.It was estimated that in a few years, China's Flat Fold N95 Mask output value will double over 2013, reaching 200 billion yuan."
  The State Administration of Work Safety, the head of the relevant departments on the coal mine Flat Fold N95 Mask standardization construction and improve the level of coal mine N95 mask technology and other issues expressed opinions and suggestions. Hope that the Union on the research and technical exchanges in the issues involved in the meeting will have to move. Such as the development of industrial development plans as soon as possible, the coal mine anti-static flame-retardant uniforms, etc., can come up with a proposal. Union members can be connected in series to see which companies have the ability to do the standard? Which companies are good and products are good? And even can carry out some of the similar products of the comparative test, the Union's function to fully play out. Protective equipment alliance members from their speeches, access to a large number of domestic and foreign information on safety and occupational health, the development of the industry has also increased confidence.
  In the future, in the strengthening of safety management at the same time, workers should be Flat Fold N95 Mask for a "physical examination", because these objects are related to the lives of workers. The relevant logistics support department of the enterprise shall ensure that the security products of the qualified manufacturers are ordered to meet the requirements of the enterprise safety management and further improve the labor insurance management mechanism and strictly handle the labor insurance products Procurement, distribution links. To provide workers with safe labor insurance products is the responsibility of enterprises, but also the true embodiment of care for workers.
Put aside the staff bad luck or not for the time being, so do not wear Flat Fold N95 Mask habits are indeed a lot of people. Why did not develop this habit? There are three reasons: one is the safety awareness is not strong, there is always a chances; the second is to feel Flat Fold N95 Mask cumbersome trouble, especially in summer, the outdoor temperature is very high, it is better to wear "plain clothes" work comfortable; The protection of the role of Flat Fold N95 Mask lack of awareness, individual workers that Flat Fold N95 Mask is a symbol of the industry, like the goods only. In fact, a company had a tank explosion occurred, when the presence of workers have different degrees of burns, burns, only one worker safe and sound, it is because he wears labor insurance work played a key role. Over the years, although the company every year to invest a lot of money to buy Flat Fold N95 Mask, but some workers do not want to wear, or even sell for money, resulting in some "accidents should not occur", not only to the enterprise caused economic losses, Itself brought pain.
  Safety production is a permanent topic, flat off N95 mask is the necessary way for self-protection of enterprise employees, different flat N95 face has a different protective effect. I suggest that each employee in the work should consciously develop a good habit of wearing Flat Fold N95 Mask, not afraid of trouble plans comfortable; enterprises have to provide workers with reliable quality Flat Fold N95 Mask. If so, can we really reduce and avoid all kinds of accidents.