How Can I Know That The NIOSH N95 Mask Needs To Be Replaced With A Canister

How can I know that the NIOSH N95 Mask needs to be replaced with a canister
        NIOSH N95 Mask used a period of time, when the need to just change the canister, a canister can be used for how long, which is the use of NIOSH N95 Mask a common problem, the general manufacturers can only provide specific conditions under the value , But each person's use of the environment are different, so the life of the canister can not simply use the figures to measure. When is it necessary to replace the canister, it is necessary to observe the canister and the experience in the use of the process.
(A) often based on the use of NIOSH N95 Mask canister tank the length of time and the working environment of the temperature and humidity, contact with the gas concentration and personal vital capacity are closely related to the use of damp in the use of cans, A large number of water vapor will be activated carbon adsorption and occupy the gap should be adsorbed gas molecules, the relevant departments have done a special study, the relative humidity greater than 80% higher than 20 ℃ in the environment using the cartridge, its life sometimes Shortened by up to 50%, we can see that the use of the environment on the life of the canister has a great impact.
B) As to when to replace, that is, when the user feels significantly increased when the respiratory resistance, which means that the tank cans adsorption a considerable number of molecules, should be new, when the user smell the smell, this shows that already Gas molecules into, at this time should also replace the new canister, of course, for some colorless and odorless toxic gas, we recommend the use of isolation filter NIOSH N95 Mask, get the best protective effect.
        Long tube respirators are mostly made of respirator NIOSH N95 Mask, hose (or long tube) and air filter. The long-tube respirator because of the use of time and the nature of toxic and harmful substances are not restricted in the IDL environment to use more, such as water pipes, sewage septic tanks, maintenance tower, sealed space painting operations and so on.
Then, in the harsh environment after use, the maintenance of long tube respirator is essential. Especially the respirator NIOSH N95 Mask relative to other parts more fragile, the following Golden Shield security Xiaobian speak NIOSH N95 Mask maintenance methods and attention points.
Maintenance Storage:
The NIOSH N95 Mask is made of high-grade polycarbonate materials, so avoid using acidic or alkaline solvent cleaning. Use a clean sponge, dipped in a neutral solvent to wipe the hood, face and head parts.
For the first time with a neutral solvent cleaning, and then rinse with water, and finally the respirator NIOSH N95 Mask ring hanging or flat to dry naturally. Do not fold or squeeze the NIOSH N95 Mask. Be sure to keep the NIOSH N95 Mask inside and outside.
        Note: Long tube respirator long tube maintenance and storage methods and NIOSH N95 Mask cleaning method.
1. Do not use strong solvents, such as methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene wipe the surface screen, because the alkaline solvent easily lead to NIOSH N95 Mask damaged or deformed. The part can be soaked in a neutral solution and the hood is cleaned with a lipid-containing cleaner.
2. Do not use such as ethylene oxide, radiation and steam sterilization methods such as anti-virus NIOSH N95 Mask disinfection, may lead to deterioration of material deterioration. It can be sterilized with 10% aqueous solution of household bleach.
3. Do not store more than 90% of the ambient humidity. Long tube respirator can be stored in a clean environment, to avoid direct sunlight.
4. found that the NIOSH N95 Mask respirator aging or poor insulation, it should be immediately discarded.