How Do I Use Flat Fold N95 Mask Correctly?

How do I use Flat Fold N95 Mask correctly?
For our personal safety, now more and more labor insurance products, but in use, we must follow the correct method, will not let our original Flat Fold N95 Mask to bring us harm. So how do you use the Flat Fold N95 Mask correctly?
1.Flat Fold N95 Mask should be done first before use - The purpose of the inspection is to determine the extent of its effectiveness against the harmful elements, whether the appearance of defects or damage, the assembly of the components are tight, whether the flexibility to start and so on.
2.Flat Fold N95 Mask must be used within its performance range, and it shall not be used in extreme limits; it shall not use products that have not been designated by the State and have been approved by the monitoring department (national standards) and have not yet reached the standard; Can not be shoddy.
3. Use the Flat Fold N95 Mask in strict accordance with the operating instructions.
What is Flat Fold N95 Mask? how to use? What should I pay attention to? These will be configured when the corresponding instructions, it is recommended that you must pay attention when buying, if not, be sure to counseling maternity leave.
In order to ensure the quality of labor masks, the state of the special Flat Fold N95 Mask established a proven test and certification system.
Flat Fold N95 Mask Verification agency is responsible for the payment of the Flat Fold N95 Mask and the Product Verification Certificate. Provinces and municipalities Flat Fold N95 Mask Quality inspection agencies to supervise the local production and operation of the Flat Fold N95 Mask, and supervise the production and operation units to strictly enforce the Flat Fold N95 Mask standard.
The national safety production administrative department is responsible for the issuance of the Flat Fold N95 Mask production and operation license.
Production of special Flat Fold N95 Mask production by the philosophy unit, must have a sufficient to ensure product quality and the normal production of professional and technical personnel, skilled workers and measurement, inspection team. And in strict accordance with national standards and industry standards for production, testing and testing.
With the production and operation of the conditions for the production of business, the inspection unit of the production and operation units for quality assurance system review and product sampling inspection and testing, the audit qualified by the national safety production sector issued a production permit, and reported to the National Industrial Product Licensing Office unified Published list.
In real life, we are in a safe state will not go to consider the dangerous situation when we will do, I believe you are in high-risk workers are aware of the work, but many people usually do not pay attention, until the time of the accident only remorse , But the error has been caused, so usually in accordance with the standard operating standards to implement the operation, not only to protect themselves, or for their own family sake. In order to be safe, it is necessary to understand the importance of the professional Flat Fold N95 Mask in everyday life for the sake of health.
It is understood that occupational eye injury accounted for about 5% of the entire industrial injury, and accounted for 50% of the eye hospital trauma. According to the Chinese Eye Injury Conference has published statistics, in the national workers in the annual eye trauma 1% -3%, while some industrial sectors are up to 34%. In the production process, common industrial eye damage factors include foreign body eye damage, chemical eye damage, non-ionizing radiation eye damage, ionizing radiation eye damage and microwave and laser eye damage.
China in the world enjoy the "kingdom of the eyes," said. According to incomplete statistics, about 360 million people wear a variety of masks. But unfortunately, as a consumer of masks, our corresponding standards have a distance from international standards. Even if the standards for masks are mandatory standards, social and economic benefits are significant, the standard for the use of the professional Flat Fold N95 Mask has not kept pace with the times because of its late start and lack of attention. On the other hand, our country has no right to vote and speak on a series of international standards related to eye protection. Because of our lack of voice in this field of expertise, so that our business in the process of going to the international market often encounter from the foreign standard barriers. Especially after China's accession to the WTO, the backwardness of the national standards in this area and the occlusion of foreign standards make it more difficult for enterprises to cope with harsh technical barriers.