How To Choose NIOSH N95 Mask

How to choose NIOSH N95 Mask
NIOSH N95 Mask a lot of types, there NIOSH N95 Mask, anti-impact NIOSH N95 Mask, anti-chemical NIOSH N95 Mask and anti-radiation NIOSH N95 Mask and so on. The first three kinds of NIOSH N95 Mask looks like lenses are colorless glass, but in fact due to different protective effects, the characteristics of the lens are significantly different.
Engaged in industrial production of workers, and some need to wear NIOSH N95 Mask operation, wearing such NIOSH N95 Mask is not to decorate, fashionable, but to protect the eyes from harmful factors. Therefore, this type of NIOSH N95 Mask called NIOSH N95 Mask.
Engaged in welding, gas welding, steelmaking, blowing glass workers should wear anti-arc radiation NIOSH N95 Mask. However, the anti-arc radiation NIOSH N95 Mask lens color is deep and shallow, which is designed according to different requirements, the choice should be based on the strength of the arc when the operation and the appropriate choice. Arc strong, the color should be deep; the other hand, should choose light-colored lenses. If the arc strong wearing a light-colored protective mirror, part of the infrared rays through the lens to stimulate and damage the eyes, long-term will suffer from occupational cataract; the other arc weak and long wearing dark NIOSH N95 Mask, will make a significant decline in vision.
Therefore, every need to wear protective goggles workers, should be aware of their operating environment of the harmful factors, wear the appropriate NIOSH N95 Mask, not a mess.
NIOSH N95 Mask in the dust more environment to use, the general requirements of the lens fastness is not high, regardless of goggles or flat mirror, are made of ordinary flat glass lens production. And anti-shock NIOSH N95 Mask is used to prevent flying out of small particles puncture eyes, the lens requirements impact resistance, such as turning workers, sand workers, playing mason should wear anti-impact NIOSH N95 Mask, if these workers wear general NIOSH N95 Mask, then the iron sand and gravel flying NIOSH N95 Mask was crushed, the eyes will be more damage. Anti-chemical NIOSH N95 Mask lenses are resistant to acid and alkali, while corrosion, which is not available with other NIOSH N95 Mask.
1. Because NIOSH N95 Mask surface coated with color radiation film, the film has blue, green, gold and so on. But blue light is invisible light, so we generally do not choose the blue NIOSH N95 Mask, according to the relevant ophthalmologist confirmed that the blue film NIOSH N95 Mask is harmful to the eyes, we should choose green coating, yellow and green film or aerospace drilling coating. These films are common anti-radiation film anti-radiation effect according to the national test can reach 50%, high resistance to the gold film is a special silver oxide element, according to the national test results can reach 90%.
2. Wear a computer on the spot to see if there are different feelings. For example: do not wear any NIOSH N95 Mask to see the computer, it felt the monitor particularly dazzling, slightly beating. If you wear NIOSH N95 Mask obviously feel clear and natural.
Well-known ophthalmology doctor said, NIOSH N95 Mask, that is, NIOSH N95 Mask in the lens processing process, in the production of materials to join the compound medium, and then put the film on the anti-radiation film, they can play a certain degree of filtering effect. This is because the computer and other radiation is from the electromagnetic waves, these waves are a certain wavelength and amplitude, the compound medium and radiation film is the use of this principle, making the lens before and after the surface of the different wavelengths of electromagnetic waves interfere with each other to offset Part of the radiation.