How To Identify Flat Fold N95 Mask Is Good Or Bad

How to identify Flat Fold N95 Mask is good or bad
       With the widespread use of the Flat Fold N95 Mask, the Flat Fold N95 Mask on the market is getting more and more, and many users may have a headache, so many flat Fold N95 Mask, how to choose a good Flat Fold N95 Mask? How can we identify the quality of the Flat Fold N95 Mask?
       First, look at the appearance of the Flat Fold N95 Mask look carefully at the details
       Head width than the narrow good (due to work longer, wide relative to reduce the pressure of the multi-head, not easy to produce head pain);
       Cover the mouth and nose than the narrow side of the narrow side of the narrow (such as the narrow side of the fit, will reduce the Flat Fold N95 Mask seal guarantee, especially men such as beard, etc., may lead to leakage, so that gas Into the internal, completely fail to protect the effect);
       The appearance of the mouth and nose mask is smooth but not glowing bright (the glory is purely for the sake of beauty, the performance of the material does not help, sometimes because of the use of some time later become ugly);
       In any connection or seam joints, no rough (due to work often need to wear, if the rough protruding or scraping, the skin will hurt).
       Second, the smell - on the Flat Fold N95 Mask can also be heard, to determine the quality of the material is good or bad
       Before you choose or buy it, you can rub the material of Flat Fold N95 Mask with your hand until you feel your fingers hot. Flat Fold N95 Mask also increases the surface temperature of the Flat Fold N95 Mask. The material of the Flat Fold N95 Mask will be more physically To show the advantages and disadvantages of the material, then to smell, most of the smell of rubber or the rest of the smell, the choice of relatively light smell or no smell, such a Flat Fold N95 Mask material is generally better, in use will not Irritation to the skin (due to a lot of people are sensitive skin, such as the material is not good, there will be skin rash and other possible).
       Third, touch - through the touch can be distinguished from the Flat Fold N95 Mask itself as well as the material properties, etc.
       You can touch and drag the Flat Fold N95 Mask each sewing, connecting and buckle and other parts, if loose or loose pin, etc., you can determine the flat Fold N95 Mask manufacturers in the production did not pay attention to the quality of the guarantee (Due to the Flat Fold N95 Mask is a safety product, so if such a neglect may lead to the use of the process of breaking, off, so this product is not recommended);
       There are probably the following types of flat Fold N95 Mask present on the market: rubber (mostly made of domestic), synthetic silicone, thermoplastic elastomer TPE material, Hycar (a foreign material name, because there is no suitable Chinese Can be explained, so direct reference, such materials Flat Fold N95 Mask mostly imported brands), injection silicone (can be used in baby pacifier material, is a safe level to achieve food grade materials, will not have any damage to the skin, Is now the world's most advanced materials for the Flat Fold N95 Mask, generally only imported brands have such products); and rubber and synthetic silica gel because of the different components of the material, there are a variety of categories, in this not to do more The On the above types of materials, hand to touch, smooth without any sudden, grain or obscure material is better (high brightness is not necessarily high quality).
        Four, try - the last must try to look at, to help determine the integrity of the Flat Fold N95 Mask
       a. Wear the Flat Fold N95 Mask, the face, nose position feel higher fit, and then tighten the head and neck back to the appropriate degree, if there is no sense of bump or scratch the skin, compared with Good Flat Fold N95 Mask;
       b. Flat Fold N95 Mask should be deflated or shrunk, so that the Flat Fold N95 Mask will ensure that the seal and the gas will not enter the Flat Fold N95 Mask; If you feel there is still air into the Flat Fold N95 Mask, the inferior Flat Fold N95 Mask can not be used in toxic and hazardous situations;
       c. Since many of the chemical companies that use the Flat Fold N95 Mask now also require workers to wear helmets, workers will be able to remove the Flat Fold N95 Mask when they leave the site for a short time. , And once again into the toxic and harmful places have to take off the helmet again Flat Fold N95 Mask, now on the market there is a Flat Fold N95 Mask is for this short time to leave and need to re-enter the toxic and harmful occasions, When you leave, you can put the Flat Fold N95 Mask on your chest without the need to pick and drop and wear a helmet, and you can release the flat Fold N95 Mask that is more conducive to Perform other operations.