Into The Winter We How To Correctly Wear Cup Shaped N95 Mask It

Into the winter we how to correctly wear Cup Shaped N95 Mask it
After the winter, with the temperature drop, wearing a cup-shaped N95 mask has become a lot of students warm, dustproof, the best choice for disease prevention, but do not know, Cup Shaped N95 Mask is not appropriate to easily cause respiratory disease. So how do we wear a cup-shaped N95 mask?

Fashion Cup Shaped N95 Mask into "new favorite"
One into the winter, but also to the cup-shaped N95 mask hot season, whether walking in the street or shopping malls, everywhere can see a variety of cup-shaped N95 mask. In recent years, it not only acts as a dust, anti-bacterial, disease prevention, warm role, but also become fashion decoration "new favorite." But wearing a cup-shaped N95 mask there are many health risks, if used properly will affect the health.

Kelly wash cup N95 mask
In addition, the winter also makes people have a kind of inert, usually for a few days or even long wearing a cup-shaped N95 mask. At this point, the shape of the cup N95 mask will be stained with their own saliva, gas, etc., outside the test will be stained with dust, bacteria and other pollutants, if a long time to wear the same cup N95 mask or two sides to wear, will cup N95 mask of dirt inhalation of the body, causing respiratory infections and other diseases. Usually recommended to clean once a day. Wash cup N95 mask, the first Cup Shaped N95 Mask as long as the water in the bubble for a few minutes, clean and then get the sun dry, so that can achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.

Cup Shaped N95 Mask must be dedicated
If you want to wear a cup-shaped N95 mask, then, must be dedicated to prevent the bacteria cross, unsanitary, and the best prepared two, after wearing the inside inside the fold with a special place to store clean place.
In addition, it also reminds you students, Cup Shaped N95 Mask generally do not recommend the use of medical disposable cup N95 mask, more should not be recycled.
If a long time wearing a cup-shaped N95 mask, will make the nasal mucosa become weak, lost the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, it can not wear a long cup N95 mask. Cup-shaped N95 mask can only be worn in a special environment, for example, in the people, the air does not flow the place. Of course, walking in the wild, in order to resist sand and cold, or in an air pollution environment activities, is the need to wear a cup N95 mask, Cup Shaped N95 Mask but the time should not be too long. In addition, in the influenza season, to the possible existence of many pathogens in public places, but also wear a cup-shaped N95 mask. Wearing a cup-shaped N95 mask only one way to prevent respiratory infections, the most important thing is to adhere to outstanding living habits.
About the stylish cup-shaped N95 mask

Two or three cups of small cup-shaped N95 mask printed with Winnie the Pooh, sugar and other cartoon dolls, winter is very popular with fashionable women like, but this stylish cup-shaped N95 mask is no disease prevention effect. Stylish cup-shaped N95 mask thickness only - two layers, it is difficult to filter the air in the virus and dust to prevent the disease. Long time wearing a cup-shaped N95 mask above the simple accumulation of virus bacteria, etc., after two hours should be taken off, timely cleaning and disinfection.
Behind the sale of cup-shaped N95 mask features