Let Us All Understand The Basic Concepts Of Fold Mask

Let us all understand the basic concepts of Fold Mask
Fold Mask have a certain effect on the air entering the lungs. When the respiratory tract is prevalent, it is very useful to wear a folded mask when operating in dust and other polluted environments.

The world's first use of Fold Mask is China. In ancient times, when people encounter pollution and dust, only know the hand or sleeve cover your nose and mouth, such as "ritual sparse" contains: "mouth, fear of touching." "Mencius from Lou" The house is unclean, and the people are over and over.
Hand or sleeve cover his nose is very unsanitary, Fold Mask it is not convenient to do other things, then someone with a piece of silk cloth to Mongolian nose and mouth. Marco Polo in his "Marco Polo Travels," a book, describing his life in China seventeen years of knowledge. One of them: "In the Yuan Dynasty palace, the people who feed, all with silk cloth mouth and mouth, so as to breath, do not touch the food thing." This Mongolian nose and mouth silk cloth, that is, the original Fold Mask.

From the human physiological structure, because the human nasal mucosal blood circulation is very strong, the nasal cavity is very tortuous, nose hair from a filter "barrier." When the air inhales the nostrils, the air flow in the meandering channel to form a vortex, so that the air flow into the nasal cavity to get warm. Some people have shown that the air flow has been heated to 28.8 degrees Celsius when the cold air at minus 7 degrees Celsius is sucked into the lungs through the nasal cavity, which is very close to the temperature of the human body. If you wear a long mask, will make the nasal mucosa become fragile, lost the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, it can not wear a long mask mask. Fold Mask can only be worn in special circumstances, such as in people, where air is not in circulation. Of course, walking in the wild, in order to resist sand and cold, or in an air pollution environment, is the need to wear a Fold Mask, but the time should not be too long. In addition, in the influenza epidemic season, to the existence of a large number of pathogens in public places, but also wear a Fold Mask. Wearing a mask is only one way to prevent respiratory infections, the most important thing is to maintain a good living habits.
 The world's first to use the Fold Mask is China. In ancient times, the people in the court began to cover the nose and mouth with scarves in order to prevent dust and breath pollution, until the 19th century Fold Mask was invented and began to apply to the medical field. Now has become an indispensable item in people's lives, the block is no longer just dust or tone, and more commonly used to block bacteria
At the beginning of the 13th century, Fold Mask appeared only in Chinese courts. The waiter used a silk and gold thread to prevent the breath spread to the emperor's food made of Fold Mask
At the end of the 19th century, Fold Mask began to be used in the field of health care. German pathologist Ryder Qi began to recommend health care workers use gauze cover to prevent bacterial infection
3,20 century, Fold Mask for the first time to become a public life essential goods. Sweeping the world's Spanish flu claimed about 50 million lives, the general population was asked to use a Fold Mask to resist the virus
4,20 century, the late, large number of large-scale use of Fold Mask was frequent. In the history of the previous floods in the Fold Mask in the prevention and prevention of the spread of bacteria play several important role
In 1897, the German beauty was introduced to everyone with a gauze bag nose and mouth to prevent bacterial invasion method. Later, someone made a six-layer gauze Fold Mask, Fold Mask sewn on the collar. With a turn over the cover of the nose and mouth on it. However, this Fold Mask has to hold down by hand, very inconvenient. Later, some people came up with the tape in the ear, which has become today's people often use the Fold Mask.