Living In The Haze Of The Weather, Choose A Good Cup Shaped N95 Mask Is Very Important

Living in the haze of the weather, choose a good Cup Shaped N95 Mask is very important
In recent years, Beijing and Tianjin and other places frequently encountered haze weather, more air quality to achieve serious pollution levels. Haze days normalization, has become an indisputable fact. In the Ministry of Environmental Protection received complaints from local people, the proportion of air pollution problems remain high. The face of haze, we are anxious, but also can not afford, one hand to grasp the haze reduction, one hand to pay attention to haze reduction.
  In the PM2.5 hype when the people's lives have had a great impact at the same time, the health of the human body also have damage. The face of haze, wearing a Cup Shaped N95 Mask has become the most cost-effective self-protection methods. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the current haze victims, still do not know how to buy Cup Shaped N95 Mask. And the face of a wide variety of market-shaped cup N95 mask, the price varies, the quality range, in the end what kind of Cup Shaped N95 Mask good? In order to really fog haze it?
  ● chemical fiber anti-fog haze Cup Shaped N95 Mask
   Anti - fog haze index: ★
  Chemical fiber Cup Shaped N95 Mask material is the main component of chemical fiber material, Cup Shaped N95 Mask itself does not add the protective barrier effect of the filter material, so the dust barrier effect is quite limited. But always better than no Cup Shaped N95 Mask better, or to resist some of the dust.
  ● non-woven anti-haze Cup Shaped N95 Mask
  Anti - fog haze index: ★ ★
  Our common disposable Cup Shaped N95 Mask is a non-woven Cup Shaped N95 Mask, which protects the doctor from droplets and splashes, which lacks the filtration efficiency requirements for particles and bacteria, or The filtration efficiency of granules and bacteria is lower than that of the Medical Surgical Cup N95 Mask and Medical Cup N95 Mask, and this Cup Shaped N95 Mask is not well adhered to our face and does not achieve a satisfactory dustproof effect The
  ● cotton anti-fog haze Cup Shaped N95 Mask
  Anti - fog haze index: ★ ★ ★
  Cotton cup N95 mask, may be the most you see the Cup Shaped N95 Mask, and easy to clean, can be used repeatedly. This cup-shaped N95 face has a good warm effect, but for the respirable dust barrier effect without any guarantee, the use of a long time with some bacteria.
  ● Industrial protection Cup Shaped N95 Mask (N95 type)
  Anti - fog haze index: ★ ★ ★ ★
  N95 cup N95 mask of the main material is imitation cotton cloth plus Cup Shaped N95 Mask special filter cotton, plus Cup Shaped N95 Mask overall design of the seal on the PM2.5 and avian influenza virus blocking filter is quite good, N95 Cup N95 mask re-industrial dust and toxic gases in the environment also has a good protective effect, the use of the historical time is relatively long, we are recognized this is relatively high.
  ● nano antibacterial material + activated carbon + ultrafine fiber filter (nano anti-virus PM2.5 special Cup Shaped N95 Mask)
  Anti-fog haze index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  This Cup Shaped N95 Mask has been more mature nano-materials (nano-silver) attached to the Cup Shaped N95 Mask fabric, nano-silver can be used for drinking water disinfection and purification, so the same for the adsorption in the cup N95 mask on the micro Pollution particles such as PM2.5 and bacterial bacteria have a strong decomposition of the killing effect.
Haze invasion, on the one hand to bring the public is a serious health hazards, on the other hand also affected people's personal protection awareness to strengthen, for the haze masks, from the previous gauze masks to now increasingly concerned about the cup N95 mask, the concept of public protection gradually shifted from a simple perception to a more professional and higher quality of the pursuit. As the demand for Cup Shaped N95 Mask increases, the market is filled with more and more labor insurance products fake. Once the use of fake Cup Shaped N95 Mask, not only no protective effect, but will cause respiratory diseases and other consequences, so the master Cup Shaped N95 Mask true and false identification method is very important. As a 3M brand of professional agents, special finishing out of the Cup Shaped N95 Mask true and false skills, to help you easily and correctly buy.