Mine Coal Shaped N95 Mask And Old Dust Mask

Mine Coal Shaped N95 Mask and Old Dust Mask
       The use of the Coal Shaped N95 Mask has always been the key to coal mining, through a large number of dustproof tools, we found that in the original case, for the excavation and coal mining which appears in the coal dust , If we only use a simple protective masks, then this mask can only eliminate a small part of the coal dust, and still have a lot of coal dust is left in the human body, and it is such a coal dust really threaten the safety of production And the health of workers, in the end a simple dust masks and now the professional coal mine Cup Shaped N95 Mask What is the difference?
The main difference is that the original old dust masks in the breathability of the relatively poor, the so-called permeability is not good, a lot of workers to reflect such a dust mask, will feel the abnormal sulking feeling, because the original Workers in the underground work, the whole air flow is not particularly good, after doing a lot of manual labor, if the mask or a lot of hot gas inside, then it will inevitably cause the whole sulking phenomenon is more serious, and the use of inconvenient, but also to Workers caused great confusion, and ultimately will lead to the emergence of security incidents. Especially the emergence of pneumoconiosis, and if it is the use of coal mine Cup Shaped N95 Mask, will not appear any sulking feeling, naturally for the protection of pneumoconiosis is also very perfect.
 Because the filter cup Shaped N95 Mask has a simple structure, light weight, easy to carry and so on, often used in the production, storage or use of known toxic and hazardous substances in the place, the application is more extensive. But in the use of fire operations there are the following application restrictions:
1, filter cup Shaped N95 Mask is not suitable for severe hypoxia sites
    Because the filter cup Shaped N95 Mask must be in the air oxygen content of not less than 18 percent of the conditions can be used, and in the fire area, due to the combustion of oxygen and severe serious hypoxia, even filter Cup Shaped N95 Mask of the virus effect even better, but after filtering the air, still can not guarantee the normal breathing of the human body. In the case of
2, filter cup Shaped N95 Mask is not suitable for drug use
The filter cup Shaped N95 Mask can only be used in places where the concentration of toxic gases is no more than 2%, so it does not apply to fireworks where the concentration of toxic substances is high.
3, Cup Shaped N95 Mask is not suitable for toxic and hazardous substances in complex locations
Because the filter cup Shaped N95 Mask is targeted for some or some toxic and hazardous substances, it is selective. So that the fire caused by combustion of the uncertain substances can not be given protection.
The reason why fire can not use the filter Cup Shaped N95 Mask.
 1, first, according to the country did not set the standard for the Cup Shaped N95 Mask, but like a large chemical plant, there must be equipped with a special level of protective clothing, Cup Shaped N95 Mask, under normal circumstances is 2 to 3 sets , While the ordinary Cup Shaped N95 Mask, in the operation is certainly a set of staff.
2, Cup Shaped N95 Mask is a personal special labor protection products, but also a single protective equipment, worn on the head, to protect people's breathing organs, eyes and face, to prevent gas, dust, bacteria, toxic and harmful gases or steam and other toxic substances Personal protective equipment. Cup Shaped N95 Mask is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, military, fire, disaster relief, health and epidemic prevention and technology environmental protection, machinery manufacturing and other fields, and in haze, photochemical smog more serious city can play a more important The protection of the personal respiratory system. Cup Shaped N95 Mask from the shape can be divided into a comprehensive and semi-mask, a comprehensive and divided into positive and negative pressure.
 Cup Shaped N95 Mask refers to the use of filtering methods, some of the toxic and harmful substances in the air after the removal of a class of protective equipment for breathing, which constitutes the main part of the mask and filter components, and some products also use a breathing tube connection mask (long Tube respirator, the cup Shaped N95 Mask) and the filter element. Mask with a full range and semi-mask, filter components sub-anti-virus, dust and dust composite protection. Any protection is limited, Cup Shaped N95 Mask is no exception.