Moulded N95 Mask Production Requirements

Moulded N95 Mask production requirements
In the daily production after the students engaged in welding work is certainly inseparable from the protection of skin and body safety molding Moulded N95 Mask, Moulded N95 Mask quality is directly related to the health of the operator's index, so the production process Which for the molding Moulded N95 Mask production requirements are particularly cautious in order to do the quality, to protect the safety of users. General molding Moulded N95 Mask production requirements are the following aspects:
(1) Moulded N95 Mask material: must use high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardant, and have a certain strength and opaque non-conductive material.
(2) Curved structure: riveting and other components to be strong, there is no loose phenomenon, metal parts can not contact with the face; set off the components must be flexible and reliable.
(3) Moulded N95 Mask specifications: Various types of welding Moulded N95 Mask specifications should meet the requirements of Table 4-20. Mold Moulded N95 Mask quality (remove the lens helmet and other accessories) shall not be greater than 500g.
(4) welding Moulded N95 Mask filter, protective sheet performance requirements: including the table and the quality and internal defects protection film visible light transmittance, filter color, filter transmittance, diopter deviation. Parallelism and strength performance And so on with the requirements of welding protective glasses.
(5) Moulded N95 Mask material flame retardant properties: Moulded N95 Mask material burning speed must be less than 76mm / min, plastic material required to leave the fire within 5s from the destruction.
(6) Moulded N95 Mask metal parts corrosion resistance: the requirements of the same test and welding protective glasses requirements.
(7) Moulded N95 Mask light transmission performance: should be less than the No. 14 welding filter visible transmission ratio.
  Moulded N95 Mask is used to shield the face, protect the face and neck to avoid flying metal debris, harmful gas splash, molten metal and high temperature solvent droplets damage appliances. Moulded N95 Mask according to the use of anti-blow molding Moulded N95 Mask, anti-radiation surface army, anti-chemical liquid splash Moulded N95 Mask, anti-smoke gas surface involving the insulation Moulded N95 Mask.
    Anti-blow molding Moulded N95 Mask for car, milling, planing, grinding, drilling and other operations. Face with transparent plexiglass, plastic or metal mesh made, can prevent metal shavings, gravel and other high-speed dust particles to combat the face.
    Radiation-Moulded N95 Mask for a variety of welding operations. Moulded N95 Mask made of thick steel cardboard, tough texture and light weight, insulation performance and good heat resistance. Moulded N95 Mask with observation hole, embedded shade goggles. In order to facilitate the operation, molded N95 face with a headset and hand-held two kinds of observation holes are fixed and flip two.
    Anti-chemical splash Moulded N95 Mask is mainly used to prevent acid and other liquid damage to the face, most made of plexiglass.
    Anti-soot gas storms Army for less toxic operations, such as anti-asphalt dust Moulded N95 Mask, made of artificial leather helmet face shield, set the plexiglass observation hole and can replace the filter filter channel channeling, to prevent the contact by the asphalt Dust produces facial dermatitis and pharyngitis.
    Heat shield for fire, metallurgy, glass, ceramics and heat treatment and other aspects of the operation. The insulation cover consists of aluminum foil insulation cloth and glass helmet, the radiation heat reflection effect is better, soft texture, waterproof anti-aging.
Therefore, in the choice of welding Moulded N95 Mask molding must pay attention to the following matters:
    1. Choose the Moulded N95 Mask for your own head type, check whether the welding glass is intact, whether the mosaic is strong, whether cracks and cracks, handle and locking belt is firm.
    2. When used, the welding glass and the welding point should be kept at a certain distance to prevent the beads from burning the glass.
    3. In the high-altitude operation to wear Moulded N95 Mask to wear a prison, to prevent the molding Moulded N95 Mask fell to the injured or broken Moulded N95 Mask.