N95 Class Mask What Kind Of Fabric Is Good?

N95 Class Mask What kind of fabric is good?
N95 Class Mask covers some of the mouth, nose and chin of the mouth, constitute a medical N95 Class Mask and face sealed space, by people to force the air through the N95 Class Mask filter out the harmful substances to achieve the protective effect. With the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increasingly serious environmental pollution, human awareness of self-protection is also constantly strengthened, N95 Class Mask as a protective article N95 Class Mask use is particularly common. N95 Class Mask is currently divided into air filter N95 Class Mask and air supply N95 Class Mask. The application is more air filter type masks, such as dust masks, haze masks, medical protection N95 Class Mask Etc., the country for the various types of N95 Class Mask introduced the corresponding specification to standard N95 Class Mask shopping malls. China's implementation of the protective filter N95 Class Mask specifications are mostly mandatory product standards, the test items are more. The permeability of the fabric is the characteristics of the fabric itself [1], with the fabric structure and fabric combination approach has a greater contact. N95 Class Mask mainly composed of some textile fiber material, breathability is N95 Class Mask must have the characteristics. Mask breathability is also a certain extent, the resolution of the N95 Class Mask comfort, filter power and other protective features. At present, the permeability of the mask has not been compared with the introduction of the inspection standards for the sex, and the first reference to the fabric permeability inspection methods, such as GB / T5453-1997 "Determination of the permeability of textile fabrics," ASTM D737-1996 " Sexual test method "and ISO9237-1995" textile fabric permeability determination ".
N95 Class Mask What kind of fabric is good? N95 Class Mask, N95 Class Mask, activated material N95 Class Mask, material is different from the protective filter effect is irrelevant, really related to the N95 Class Mask structure design is reasonable , N95 Class Mask and the fit of the face and so on.
N95 Class Mask What kind of fabric is good?
Non-woven N95 Class Mask: one made of cotton skimmed gauze or knitted fabric, the middle folder with a variety of non-woven; the other directly from the non-woven sewing. Filter effect is good, slightly less breathable, the latest varieties for the surface and the back of non-woven materials, the middle of the filter paper, so that non-woven N95 Class Mask filter role on a higher level.
Gauze N95 Class Mask is made of sparse cotton cloth and is mainly used for working environment containing low concentrations of harmful gases and vapors. The cartridge is filled with sorbent or sorbent.
Children N95 Class Mask is in urgent need of national standards, high density, low resistance and high filterability is preferred
"There are many anti-haze N95 Class Masks on the market, but the design is almost a miniature version of the adult N95 Class Mask, which is slightly thinner than the adult version and does not really focus on children's cardiopulmonary function To the child's facial skeletal structure and adult differences. "Chen Haida said that the child's face smaller than adults, the bones are developing, can not fully support the same as adults N95 Class Mask three-dimensional structure, the general N95 Class Mask protection effect is not ideal The
Chen Haida said that the "Daily Protective N95 Class Mask Technical Specification" (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") was officially implemented on November 1 this year, but the "specification" clearly, this standard "does not apply to children with N95 Class Mask", the reason Is the child's physical characteristics of the larger differences in the impact of respiratory resistance on the growth of children to be improved. No relevant national standard, children can only wear cotton N95 Class Mask or suitable for small adult group N95 Class Mask. But the former can not prevent PM2.5, if not often clean, disinfection, but also may breed bacteria; the latter not only wearing uncomfortable, but also often because the model is too large and "leak", contaminants easily from the edge or nose Gap into the basic play a role in filtering.