NIOSH N95 Mask Cleaning And Selection NIOSH N95 Mask Principle

NIOSH N95 Mask cleaning and selection NIOSH N95 Mask principle
The NIOSH N95 Mask can only be worn in a special environment, for example, where there are many people and where the air is not flowing. Of course, the wild walk, in order to resist sand and cold, or in an air pollution environment activities, need to wear NIOSH N95 Mask but the time should not be too long. In addition, the influenza epidemic season, to the existence of a large number of pathogens in public places, should also wear NIOSH N95 Mask. Wearing the NIOSH N95 Mask is just one of the ways to prevent respiratory infections, the most important thing to keep in good living.

NIOSH N95 Mask clean

The outer layer of the NIOSH N95 Mask often accumulates dust, bacteria and other dirt in the outside air, and the inner layer blocks the exhaled bacteria and saliva, so that the two sides can not be used alternately, otherwise the contaminated dirt Close to the face when inhaled the body, and become a source of infection. NIOSH N95 Mask when not wearing, should be stacked into a clean envelope, and will be close to the nose and mouth side of the fold, do not easily stuffed into the pocket or hanging on the neck.

If the NIOSH N95 Mask is exhaled hot air or saliva wet, the role of blocking the bacteria will be greatly reduced. So, usually better prepare a few NIOSH N95 Mask, in order to replace the use of a daily wash should be. Wash should be used for 4 minutes before boiling water.

NIOSH N95 Mask selection has three principles:

First, NIOSH N95 Mask of the dust-blocking efficiency. NIOSH N95 Mask of the barrier efficiency is based on its fine dust, especially for 5 microns below the respiratory dust barrier efficiency as the standard. Because the diameter of the dust can be directly into the alveolar, the greatest impact on human health. General gauze NIOSH N95 Mask, the principle of its resistance is mechanical filter, that is, when the dust bumps to the gauze, through - layers of the barrier, some large particles of dust blocked in the sand. But for some fine dust, especially less than 5 microns of dust, will be from the gauze in the mesh through, into the respiratory system. There are some dustproof NIOSH N95 Mask, the filter by the charge of permanent static fiber composition, those less than 5 microns of breathing dust through the filter in the process, the electrostatic attraction and adsorption in the filter to capture To the fine dust, really play a role in dust.

Second, NIOSH N95 Mask and face shape of the degree of close. The air is like water, where the resistance is small and the first to flow. When the NIOSH N95 Mask shape and face is not close, the air of the dangerous things will never leak into the room, into the human respiratory tract. So, even if you choose the media better NIOSH N95 Mask. Also can not protect your health. Now many foreign regulations and regulations, workers should be carried out on a regular basis NIOSH N95 Mask adhesion test. Purpose To ensure that workers use the appropriate NIOSH N95 Mask and wear the NIOSH N95 Mask in the correct steps.

Third, wear comfortable. Require breathing resistance to be small, light weight, wear health, easy maintenance. So that workers will be willing to wear and improve their work efficiency in the workplace. It is a foreign maintenance-free NIOSH N95 Mask, no cleaning or replacement parts, when the resistance to dust or NIOSH N95 Mask damaged after the disposal, so that both NIOSH N95 Mask health and eliminates the need for workers to maintain NIOSH N95 Mask time and energy The And many NIOSH N95 Masks are used arched shape, both to ensure that the shape of the face with a good fit and can keep some space in the nose and mouth, comfortable to wear.