NIOSH N95 Mask Introduction To Radiation Protection

NIOSH N95 Mask Introduction to Radiation Protection
Grinding tip thorium tungsten rod should be equipped with special grinding wheel, grinding machine should be installed dust removal equipment. Grinding wheels on the ground to wear debris often wet, and focus on deep processing. The ground, the walls should be laid tiles to facilitate the cleaning of dirt.
The welding site should be located in a single room. Thorium tungsten bar storage location should be fixed in the basement, and stored in a closed box. A large number of storage should be hidden in the iron box, and install the ventilation device.
Manual welding operation, must wear wind protection helmet, or take other effective ventilation measures. Touching the thorium tungsten rod should wear dust masks.
According to the production conditions as much as possible to take a stable arc hood, and in the operation should not be free to open the shell.
After the end of the welding or contact with thorium tungsten rods, apply mobile water and soap to wash hands, and often clean the work clothes and gloves.
NIOSH N95 Mask is a tool used to shield the face, protect the face and neck from flying metal debris, harmful gas splashes, molten gold and high temperature solvent droplets. NIOSH N95 Mask, NIOSH N95 Mask, NIOSH N95 Mask, NIOSH N95 Mask, and NIOSH N95 Mask.
Anti-strike NIOSH N95 Mask used for cars, milling, planing, grinding, drilling and other operations. NIOSH N95 Mask is made of transparent plexiglass, plastic or gold mesh to prevent metal dust, gravel and other high-speed dust particles to combat the face.
Radiation protection is suitable for a variety of welding operations. NIOSH N95 Mask is made of thick steel paperboard, tough and light weight, good insulation and heat resistance. The NIOSH N95 Mask has an observation hole embedded in a shade goggles. In order to facilitate the operation, NIOSH N95 Mask has both wearing and hand-held, observation hole also has two kinds of fixed and flip.
Anti-chemical splash NIOSH N95 Mask is mainly used to prevent acid and other liquid damage to the face, most made of plexiglass.
Anti-soot gas NIOSH N95 Mask for less toxic operations, such as anti-asphalt dust NIOSH N95 Mask, made of artificial leather helmet face shield, set with plexiglass observation hole and filter can replace the filter mask, to prevent contact with asphalt dust Produce facial dermatitis and pharyngitis.
NIOSH N95 Mask for fire, metallurgy, glass, ceramics and heat treatment and other aspects of the operation. NIOSH N95 Mask consists of aluminum foil insulation cloth and glass helmet, the radiation heat reflection effect is good, soft texture, waterproof anti-aging.
Arc radiation protection welding arc radiation including infrared, visible light and ultraviolet light. Light radiation to the human body, by the body tissue absorption, causing the organization's thermal effects, photochemical effects and ionization, can cause skin and eye damage. Therefore, the welders' eyes and skin must be protected from the radiation of the arc.
In order to protect against the protection of the solitary damage, in the welding must be equipped with special protective lens NIOSH N95 Mask. Protective lenses are absorptive filters and reflective protective lenses, filter lenses according to the color depth of the points have several grades, should be in accordance with the strength of the welding current, according to Table 12 to choose. This NIOSH N95 Mask can be used to observe the arc through the eye protection spots, but also can absorb ultraviolet light, infrared and strong visible light, play to protect the role of facial skin and eyes. To protect the lens, in its outer layer and then install a common transparent glass, together in the NIOSH N95 Mask in the rectangular slot. NIOSH N95 Mask is made of dark steel cardboard and can also be replaced with a thin plywood coated with black refractory paint. Recently developed and produced by the reflection of the protection of sharp, is in the absorption filter plate coated with chromium - copper - chromium three layers of metal film, can be harmful solitary light reflected back to avoid the filter lens will absorb the radiation Line into the shortcomings of heat, the use of this lens feel cool and comfortable, observe the arc and prevent arc damage better, is currently being used.