NIOSH N95 Mask Of The Accurate Wear Method

NIOSH N95 Mask of the accurate wear method
NIOSH N95 Mask is the most widely used, we can use to filter out the air N95 masks of impurities in a class of medical equipment. So, do you know what exactly is the NIOSH N95 Mask?
1. Pull the mask up and down, open open fold;
2. A slightly black side facing out, pale white (rubber ribbon or ear)
3. The side of the nose clip (metal nose bridge, pp nose bridge) side up;
4. Use both sides of the rubber band to fit the mask face;
5. two fingers on both sides of the nose quietly press the metal bar;
6. Then pull the lower end of the mask to the jaw, adjust to the gap with the face as well.
7. It is important to note that when wearing NIOSH N95 Mask, should be NIOSH N95 Mask with a black side of the nose wearing a nose.
NIOSH N95 Mask is usually the most widely used in a large class. The structure of a filter masks should be divided into two major, one is the main body of the mask, can be understood as a mask for it is a mask; the other is a filter material, including dust for the filter cotton and anti-virus Filter box and so on. Therefore, the selection of the use of filter-type masks, and some of the production of goods to provide you with the following convenience, that you can use the same mask the main body, when the dust in the working environment, dust, with the corresponding Filter cotton, so you put on a dust masks; when the demand for toxic environment in the anti-virus, replaced filter cotton, with the corresponding chemical filter box installed, so it has become a protective mask, and perhaps According to your work needs, to provide you with more combinations.
NIOSH N95 Mask can prevent formaldehyde?
The effect is not obvious, to avoid the best of formaldehyde is not to touch, we must always adhere to the indoor ventilation, the other contact with the use of true sense of health, perhaps the use of activated carbon with adsorption effect, are a good selection.
NIOSH N95 Mask principle is as follows: NIOSH N95 Mask filter principle is through the mask inside the activated carbon layer of the filter, mainly in two ways: 1. Activated carbon fiber cloth;
2. Activated carbon particles. NIOSH N95 Mask of the activated carbon filter layer is the main function of adsorption of organic gases, malodor, and toxic dust, not alone for the filter dust, filter fine dust is mainly by ultra-fine fiber electrostatic filter cloth that is what we generally say Of nonwovens and meltblowers in cooperation. NIOSH N95 Mask based on these kinds of information in one, with anti-virus and dustproof two-tier effect, so do not doubt NIOSH N95 Mask anti-dust effect.
Is NIOSH N95 face useful?
The activated carbon composition in the NIOSH N95 Mask has a strong adsorption function to adsorb gases (impurities and harmful substances in the air), liquid or colloidal solids on the surface of the NIOSH N95 Mask; for gas, liquid, NIOSH N95 Mask adsorption The quality of the substance can be close to the quality of the activated carbon itself. From this point of view, wearing NIOSH N95 Mask is very useful.

Disposable NIOSH N95 Mask is made of the surface of 28 grams of non-woven fabrics, the middle of the first layer is to use antibacterial filter paper from the filter up to 99.999% of the anti-bacterial effect, to prevent the virus; The use of new high-performance adsorption, filtration information - activated carbon fiber, activated carbon fabric made, with anti-virus, deodorant, filter bacteria, dust and other effects
Disposable NIOSH N95 Mask features that is: convenient, clean, clean, environmentally friendly. Can be a large number of short-term production, rapid delivery and so on. Particularly suitable for use during large accidents and infectious diseases.