One-time N95 Class Mask Should Not Wear More Than 2 Hours

One-time N95 Class Mask should not wear more than 2 hours
Experts, the current market N95 Class Mask mainly N95, surgical N95 Class Mask, gauze N95 Class Mask and cotton N95 Class Mask, a flow of the main route is close to the spread of droplets, qualified the N95 Level mask and the right to wear will play a protective role. But the past two years, a variety of colorful fashion "cartoon" N95 Class Mask seems to have become a popular trend in some jewelry store sales, a few dollars you can buy one, these N95 Class Mask is only a layer of transparent plastic bags, The packaging simply can not find any information about the manufacturer. Useful gauze to do, have to protect the respiratory system, to prevent the role of bacteria. And some are made of polyester fiber, and in the N95 mask surface printed with cartoon patterns, this N95 Class Mask fashion, but not necessarily to protect the respiratory system. Low price of printing and dyeing N95 mask, containing chemical fiber, the front printed on the colorful cartoon patterns, breathability is relatively poor. Healthy people wearing this N95 Class Mask on the respiratory system is not much benefit, chemical fiber fabrics may stimulate the bronchus, some printed N95 Class Mask of the dye failed, there will be skin allergies, nose uncomfortable and other symptoms. Some patients with allergies and asthma wear this N95 mask may increase the condition.
Experts advise, the state of the N95 Class Mask thickness, layer and permeability, etc. are not only strict, as well as safety requirements. For the general textiles are also color fastness, formaldehyde, PH value, disable carcinogenic dyes and other five indicators, fashion N95 Class Mask does not belong to the medical N95 mask, itself is not strictly disinfected. Many N95 Class Mask is not made of pure cotton yarn, containing a lot of polyester fiber. Some plans light isolation gauze only 2 to 4 layers, it is difficult to effectively filter the air of the virus and dust. N95 Class Mask is too large or too small, can not be tight and comfortable to wrap the face, dirty air without being filtered into the body. So try not to buy fashion "cartoon" N95 masks, buy other N95 Class Mask, one by touch. Formal "multi-layer" N95 level with more than 12 layers, N95 Class Mask feel soft, flexible, thick uniform, no obvious knot block. And those inferior N95 level with a mezzanine is hard plastic, some rotten gauze, some thin soft tissue paper, carefully check the words, in the hand can have a clear feeling. Second, look at the packaging. Regular manufacturers of N95 Class Masks, the packaging is in accordance with strict rules and regulations. Consumers buy the best choice for those who have a small package of small N95 Class Mask products to maximize the secondary pollution to avoid. In addition, the purchase should also pay attention to approval number, trademark, factory name, site and telephone production information. Three is the selling point. Consumers to the best shopping malls, supermarkets and pharmacies to buy N95 Class Mask, 12 to 16 layers of N95 Class Mask price is generally around three or four dollars. Some small commodity market 1 to 2 yuan "bargain", consumers should be careful to buy. In addition, the best choice for the nose clip, the protective effect will be better.
Choose a suitable N95 Class Mask, but if you wear well, it will make its protective effect greatly reduced. Wear N95 Class Mask must be completely covered with nose and mouth, not because the N95 Class Mask only cover the mouth and leave the nose regardless. Wear N95 Class Mask when to distinguish between inside and outside, do not swap, if one will wear outside, while they changed the inside, it will suck into a large number of bacteria, viruses. More preparation of some N95 Class Mask, to wash the lottery, the best cooking and disinfection for 10 minutes. Timely wash, dried, wrapped a good spare, in principle, each N95 Class Mask generally wear time no more than 2 hours, up to one day, we must change one. Also can not sprinkle fragrance on the N95 mask, because the aroma will stimulate the respiratory system, induced respiratory disease, do not often wear hand to touch.