Pick Your Masks To Fog And Haze

It is reported that the common masks on the market there are 6 types, the N95 dust mask, blue disposable sterile gauze masks, masks, plain white cotton masks, chemical fiber masks and other masks.

"It is special dust masks, such as N95 masks, closed strong, this mask has a better dust-filtering effect will play a role in prevention of respiratory diseases. "HMU hospital respiratory Department director Wu Xiaomei said, gauze masks can also play a relevant role, but every day cleaning and disinfection.

Disposable masks and ordinary dust control for fiber masks to play a role, but will affect breathing, people should choose carefully.

Experts suggested that the smog the best way is to cut down on travel, isolated from the smoggy air. If you must go out, wear effective face mask.

In addition, every time they go out back to the Interior, to clean the nasal cavities, brush your teeth, prevent secondary damage caused by toxic dust and particles on the respiratory tract, while smog's best light diet, attitude adjustment.