Poland Is The China Of Europe Beacause Of The Air Pollution

Poland is the China of Europe beacause of the Air Pollution

It’s getting harder to breathe in Poland’s capital without inhaling a burned kind of stench, and so Warsaw residents are taking a cue from those living in the world’s most polluted cities and putting on anti-smog masks. The city registered levels of air pollutants so bad over the weekend that local authorities made public transit free on Monday, Jan. 9 to limit local emissions.

The levels of air pollutants registered in the city reached on Sunday a whopping 437 micrograms per cubic meter (link in Polish)—the 24-hour average norm established by the EU being 50. In Paris officials declare a “smog alarm” at 80 micrograms per cubic meter.

The Air Quality Index, an international measure that calculates the levels of harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide in the air, registered 176 in some parts of Warsaw. In comparison, the average for Beijing was 196 on the same day. On Tuesday, New York’s level was at 32, and London’s at 71. Warsaw city authorities urged people to stay home if they could.

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